Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Farewell Generates Twitter Bonanza

Jon Stewart’s farewell episode on The Daily Show generated 232,000 Tweets about the program, seen 26,390,000 times by an audience of 4,273,000 people in the U.S. (including 3 hours before and after the show), according to Nielsen.

That includes 115,110 around the hashtag #JonVoyage, 101,160 Tweets around Jon Stewart, and 39,744 around Daily Show, between 11 PM ET yesterday and 3 AM ET today, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence Twitter data.

Stephen Colbert generated the most Tweets in that period, among the show’s former correspondents who returned to say so-long last night. Colbert clocked 6,669, which is good news for CBS, where he’s launching next month as host of Late Show.  Colbert surprised Stewart by going off teleprompter with a heartfelt thanks.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight host (and former Daily Show summer fill-in host) John Oliver received 1,341 Tweets in the same time period. Wyatt Cenac clocked 945 Tweets, most likely because his appearance on the finale last night was a bit of a surprise, Cenac having recently singed Stewart in a podcast interview. Meanwhile Steve Carell accumulated 684 Tweets in the same time period, and incoming The Daily Show host Trevor Noah generated 873 Tweets around his appearance.


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