Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ Ka-Chings $1M Before The Party Ended, Heading To $2M In 24 Hours

UPDATED, with more information below.

EXCLUSIVE: The Hudson River wasn’t the only place where fireworks welcomed the Broadway opening night of Hamilton. Once-in-a-lifetime notices across the board set off a run on the box office at the Nederlander-owned Richard Rodgers Theatre, according to a highly placed production source. Long before the all-night celebration of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical had ended, $1 million in new ticket orders had been placed, bumping the show’s advance to $33 million and counting.

“If you said we would do another million by the end of today, a Friday in August, you would be underestimating,” the very knowledgeable source told Deadline. “And the advance is real American dollars, in the bank. There is no inventory — you can see that by going to Ticketmaster. Meaning people are buying months in advance, which is unheard-of these days.”

The opening-night lights came up at an extra-early 5 PM to allow for a post-show party that included fireworks on the Hudson in anticipation of raves echoing those that accompanied the show’s off-Broadway opening last winter. No-one was disappointed. Among the choicer quotables:

“Early in the evening, Hamilton sings, ‘Don’t be shocked when the history books remember me,'” wrote Linda Winer in Newsday. “Little did he know he’d make musical-theater history, too.” The New York Times‘ Ben Brantley concluded his review by saying,”Before they were founding fathers, these guys were rebellious sons, moving to a new, fierce, liberating beat that never seemed to let up. Hamilton makes us feel the unstoppable, urgent rhythm of a nation being born.” And the Daily News‘ man on the aisle, Joe Dziemianowicz, wrote that, “[w]ith Hamilton, Broadway is officially the coolest place on the planet. And the smartest. And most exhilarating.”

At mid-morning Friday New York time, Miranda — the prolific Tweeter who wrote the show, music, lyrics and all, and is its titled star — tweeted this:

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