John Stamos: Lifetime ‘Full House’ Movie Is Right, “The Olsen Twins Did Cry A Lot” – TCA

In the latest trailer for Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story, a frustrated John Stamos is seen complaining about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The actor was grilled about the TV movie’s accuracy today at the TCA Summer Press Tour panel for his upcoming Fox family comedy series Grandfathered.

Unabashedly Stamos acknowledged, “It’s a true story, the Olsen twins did a cry a lot. That’s 100% accurate. They brought in non-actor redheaded kids. That didn’t work. I said to get the Olsen twins back.”

Stamos seemed to be amused by the whole parody hoopla surrounding Full House as Netflix reboots the series with its upcoming Fuller House

“I hear there’s an off-Broadway musical that National Lampoon is doing. Perez Hilton is going to play Bob Saget,” said Stamos before deadpanning, “I found a lot of humor in that.”

Stamos kept the lid on Fuller House saying that he shot “the first two episodes. At this point, I’m going straight into Grandfathered.”

The former pin-up guy took to Grandfathered after being encouraged by his agent to stay the course with the affable characters that audiences have responded to in Stamos. The Fox series tells the story of a middle-age guy who discovers one day — he’s a grandfather.

‘He said, ‘Why don’t you do what you do?,” said the actor about that conversation, adding that his character is, “like a George Clooney before he turned against everything he believed in” and got married.

Earlier in the panel, Stamos quipped that he whispers to the crying kids acting on Grandfathered, “That I made them a lot of money.”

During the panel, Stamos revealed his fondness for older mentors in the TV business, specifically Jack Klugman and Garry Marshall. Talking about his own grandfather, Stamos hysterically revealed that the older guy adored it when people would randomly call him up after finding his number in the phone book, mistaking him for his own grandson. According to Stamos, “He would say, ‘Oh, yes, I am John Stamos! What are you wearing?’ “

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