Emmy Awards Red Carpet To Host Sunday NFL Pre-Game Show – TCA

Fox NFL Sunday will be broadcast from the red carpet at the 67th Emmy Awards, airing on Fox this September 20. The sports show will air at noon ET from the red carpet – the first time a sports-themed pregame show will air live from the site of the Emmys. The trophy ceremony’s producer EP Don Mischer said he was “really thrilled about that.” Same Sunday last year, he told reporters at TCA, Fox’s Sunday game clocked a 15.5 rating and 27 million viewers. “As a producer I’m hoping that game is really tight and goes down to the wire and… if I’m lucky it will go into overtime and then throw it to us.”

Other than a football lead-in, the two things that haves the most impact on a trophy show’s ratings are who wins and what they say on stage, Mischer said. “We hope we will have unexpected winners which will make the show more interesting. We think we have better chance this year,” Mischer said, noting the TV academy’s decision to do away with blue-ribbon panel voting. “That’s going to change the character and I’m very hopeful,” he added.

And the host, he quickly added, calling the host “the most important thing.”  This year’s host Andy Samberg was sitting next to him.  The host, Mischer said making a course correction, is “the critical element in having fun and making these evenings go quickly.”

“He’s going to be fabulous,” Mischer said of Samberg.

Samberg said he’s at the “jotting ideas down” phase of deciding what to do for the Emmy show. He can’t imagine not doing a pre-taped bit because that’s worked in the past, he said, but he’s not sure if his Lonely Island colleagues will want to do something with him because “they’re real busy.”

Asked what he likes least about trophy shows, Samberg said, “the commercials…but they’re not going anywhere” and “in a way” this year the Emmys will be great because he will be there, hosting and will be preparing his next bit and so won’t have time to see the ads.

One reporter wondered if Samberg would be switching the envelopes during this year’s Emmy broadcast, and he said yes, and that he would make sure he won the Emmy — spoiler alert — for best dramatic actor.

Then someone asked him what he thought was the funniest fictionalized trophy show depiction. Samberg took a stab at the question but wound up saying he liked them all “pretty much” and, when asked why, answered “cause you asked – just trying to keep it positive.”

Winning the Golden Globe Award for his Fox comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine was “kinda like somewhere between a surprise birthday party and a fever dream” he said, noting he’d prepared nothing to say “which is your worst nighmare” but, after that “then it was just drinking.”

Mischer spoke briefly about the politics of the In Memoriam segment which Samberg said, “there is no way to quantify one individuals life against another. I would imagine you’d just have to go with recognizability,” while some of us wondered how this Emmy Q&A turned into a wake.

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