Bill Cosby Ordered To Face Playboy Mansion Assault Victim’s Lawyers This Fall

An alleged sexual abuse of a minor by the disgraced comedian at Hugh Hefner’s L.A. home 41 years ago will be detailed in court this fall. Despite his best legal efforts to avoid or delay it, Bill Cosby has been ordered by a L.A. Superior Court judge to give a deposition to Judy Huth’s attorneys. The deposition under oath to questions from Gloria Allred or another one of Huth’s lawyers is set for October 9.

While he has never been charged in any of the sexual assault incidents alleged by more than 40 women, this upcoming deposition plus the ongoing criminal investigation by the LAPD and the defamation case filed this spring by former America’s Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson puts Cosby in a potentially perilous legal position. Even though the statute of limitations has passed on Huth’s 1974 incident, as is the case for the dozens of other women who have claimed Cosby raped or assaulted them, the fact that she was 15 years old when the molestation occurred and says she only recently realized the emotional distress it caused her allows Huth to file her case.

“The Court grants Plaintiff’s ex parte application and orders the deposition of Defendant to proceed first, followed by that of the Plaintiff,” ordered Judge Craig Karlan in an August 4 ruling made public today (read it here). Huth will give a deposition to Cosby’s lawyers on October 15.

“We are pleased that we will now be able to move ahead without further delay on Ms. Huth’s case, and we look forward to taking Mr. Cosby’s deposition,” said Allred in a statement on Wednesday. The attorney and her firm represents a number of women who have claimed Cosby dosed them with drugs and assaulted them.

The release last month of a 2005 deposition that Cosby gave in a sexual assault case brought against him by Andrea Constand resulted in the confirmation by the man himself that he used drugs to have sex with women – a claim the comedian had long dodged. Cosby reached a settlement with the former Temple University employee in 2008. All indications are Huth and her lawyers are looking for more than that — like a trial and time behind bars.

Marty Singer of Lavely & Singer is representing Cosby in the Huth case. While not a defendant, Singer is cited in the May 20 defamation case filed by Dickinson as the attorney who on November 19 last year called her account of being raped by Cosby “a lie.”

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