Shonda Rhimes & Pete Nowalk Tease Next Season Setups For ‘Scandal’, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Like water torture, TCA journos nudged Shonda Rhimes and Pete Nowalk to at least provides hints as to what will occur next season on Scandal and How To Get Away With Murderrespectively.

scandalRhimes previously told a reporter that she wasn’t there to reveal plot lines. But after another asked again, Rhimes took a breath, looked at the ABC publicist to her right, then turned to the crowd and said: “For Scandal we’re picking up almost where we left off,” where Olivia Pope wound up with President Fitz. “That was a pretty harrowing place where the world had been blown apart for everybody except for Olivia and Fitz, who were left on the Truman balcony … doing some kissin’. But everybody else was in a fairly low-at-heart place. Mellie wasn’t living in the White House because Fitz kicked her out. Jake said he was walking away. Quinn was thinking about killing Huck. Things weren’t going so well for people, and we pick up right there in that environment.”

How-to-GET-AWAY-MURDERMurder creator/EP Pete Norwalk said that show will begin a week and half after we left off post-Rebecca’s death. Annalise Keating debates “what has she wrought? The consequences of the first season. The first domino dropped when Sam was killed and there’s going to be a lot more complications stemming from that. The other thing that we’re going to focus on with a bunch of the other characters are their backstories, dark twisted things. You think you know them, but you don’t know them at all.”

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