ABC’s ‘Revenge’ Might Get Spinoff – TCA

Revenge Series Finale: Showrunner Sunil Nayar Reaction

ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee has spoken repeatedly of Revenge as one of the network’s most important series of the last few years, calling it “a critical brand” for ABC. Inspired by The Count Of Monte Cristo, Revenge, which ran for four seasons, has been very popular internationally, making a lot of money for ABC Studios.

Last season, ABC and ABC Studios developed The Kingmakers, a drama in the vein of Revenge that was considered an unofficial spinoff. The project, which went to pilot, shared the basic Revenge premise of a young person taking on a new identity to investigate the death of a loved one.

“We didn’t pick up the pilot, but Revenge is a wonderful brand around the world and it doesn’t preclude us from doing it again,” Lee said after ABC’s TCA session today.

Nolan Ross spinoff anyone?

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