‘Mozart In The Jungle’: Through The Chaos Is Passion For The Music – TCA

The cast and creatives appeared via satellite to talk about the musical drama Mozart In The Jungle today at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. The Amazon series, which will debut its second season in January, has been well-received by the classical community.

“It was really amazing to be welcomed into the orchestra world and be around the actual scene. said Paul Weitz, exec producer. “They like the idea that there’s a show exposing classical music to the rest of the world.”

“It’s really interesting how there’s a very captive, complex symphonic music world out there and they are very curious to see the show because they see an insight into something they know,” added series star Gael Garcia Bernal.

On the second season, one big theme is how do you keep a family together after all sorts of stress factors. “As with many big families, everybody has a different point of view. There are people who are excited about change, there are people who are afraid of change and new things coming in”, said Weitz.

“In the beginning of this season, Malcolm and Gael’s characters were natural adversaries… this year, Malcolm is kind of a defender of his. Nonetheless, there are things which are driving wedges between them,” said Weitz.  The players in season 2 will also experience a labor dispute that threatens the orchestra, which was inspired by the Minnesota orchestra strike that shut it down for a long period of time “and really decimated the orchestra.” Also Weitz offers some insight into Rodrigo struggles as the conductor. “He loves his orchestra… in terms of the family aspect, there’s a theme about him trying to figure out how to lead something you love.”

Based on the memoir by Blair Tindal, the half-hour show pulls back the curtain at the New York Symphony where artistic dedication and creativity collide with mind games, politicking and survival instincts.

“It’s a bunch of characters who care about each other, but who are kind of stuck together as the whole [company] threatens to come apart,” Weitz summarizes. Through all the chaos, there is still the music. “The core element with all these characters is no matter what craziness they’re going through, they have something that they’re passionate about, which is the relationship to their art and to their instruments.”  

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