‘Rogue Nation’ Puts Cruise In Control At $64.5M Offshore; Sets Career & ‘M:I’ Franchise Bests – Intl Box Office Final

3rd UPDATE, 12:27 PM PT: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation opened to No. 1 in most of its 40 markets and the highest opening ever in those same markets and it will log in as highest ever weekend opening for a Tom Cruise movie in 25 countries. It rode in with about $600K less than estimated over the weekend but still stellar and has yet to bow in China.

Final updates are also in for Universal Studios’ comedy Trainwreck, their animated family film Minions and the rest of their films including Jurassic World, sequels Ted 2 and Pitch Perfect 2 as well as the horror film Unfriended. Finals are also in for Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Disney’s animated Inside Out and Fox’s newbie Paper Towns, and its comedy Spy. Warner Bros.’ also weighed in with Magic Mike XXL and the horror film The Gallows. Still waiting on Sony to report (aren’t we always?) on Pixels and Insidious 3.

Anita Busch did final updates on International Box Office.

2ND UPDATE, 6:30 PM PT: Tom Cruise was in control at the worldwide box office this weekend as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation took off with $121M global. The international portion of that, $64.5M, topped the last film in the franchise, Ghost Protocol, by 48% on a like-for-like currency basis in the same market suite. The franchise to date has made about $2.1B with MIGP the biggest overseas at $485M. That was also Cruise’s best-ever showing offshore where his enduring and globe-trotting star-wattage and charm were on show in the past weeks at red-carpet premieres in tom cruise tokyoVienna, London and Seoul. He further flew to Tokyo this weekend for Monday’s Japanese debut ahead of this week’s release. The China bow is looming on September 8 in what was the biggest market on both Ghost Protocol and last year’s domestic underperformer Edge Of Tomorrow. This time around, Alibaba Pictures Group invested an undisclosed sum in Rogue Nation and has partnered with Paramount on promoting the movie in the Middle Kingdom. Before we get there, the upcoming frame also includes Germany and Russia.

Monster-HuntCruise’s Ethan Hunt had the distinction of knocking Monster Hunt, the No. 1 movie of the last two frames, out of the top international spot this session. The Chinese blockbuster, which now has a record $279M in its kitty, dropped to No. 3 in the frame while Minions took the No. 2 slot in a slight 11% dip from last weekend. Those Top 3 movies grossed $131.1M combined internationally, a 15.5% decline from last year’s Top 3 in the comparable frame. At the same time in 2014, Guardians Of The Galaxy had just rocketed off with $67.4M followed by a continuing frame for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes which added $47.8M, and the debut of China’s The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom with $40M.

On a week-to-week basis, this session’s studio movies were up 7.5% across the Top 10 titles internationally. If adding in the offshore-generated pics, the Top 10 was down just 11.7%. However, there were five local movies in the Top 10 in the current frame, compared to last week’s four. One, The Assassination, is a holdover from Korea while the remaining quartet are Chinese holds. More on those and an update on Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan follow after the original post.

Fantastic FourNext week, Fox’s Josh Trank-helmed Fantastic Four opens day-and-date in the UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Korea, and Australia, among others. The last Fantastic Four movie was Rise Of The Silver Surfer in 2007. It grossed about $157M overseas, about 19% more than the domestic total. Europe was the main driver of that one with the UK and France particularly keen; Mexico was also a hot spot. This time, it’s a complete overhaul with Chronicle director Trank and stars Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell on board. It will be interesting to watch Korea on this one given the wild popularity of Teller-starrer Whiplash which grossed nearly $12M there. Elsewhere, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation will expand and Jurassic World stomps into Japan, its final market.

Local-language round-ups are below the studio market breakdowns. Actuals tomorrow.

1ST UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Worldwide audiences accepted a new Mission: Impossible this weekend, lifting the franchise and its star, Tom Cruise, to higher heights. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions, grossed $65M internationally in its debut frame. On a like-for-like currency basis — i.e. with grosses of previous installment, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, translated to today’s dollars — the launch is 49% higher in the same territories. (In 2011 dollars, MIGP topped out abroad at $485M and was an all-time best for Cruise.) Fused with the $56M domestic gross through Sunday, the worldwide total on Rogue Nation after one frame is $121M.

Cruise’s derring-do topped the international charts for the studios, and overall, making this the first frame in three when Chinese hit Monster Hunt has not led. That title, which now has a Rentrak-reported cume of $279M, added $27M this weekend and landed at No. 3. Universal’s Minions notably added Japan and Korea and maintained 2nd place overseas with $38.9M (-13%), and Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man landed at No. 3 with a final $20.3M (-43.5%; no major new plays). Sony’s Pixels, aided by a continued strong run in Latin America, nipped at the tiny superhero’s heels with a $19.8M sophomore outing (-7.5%, 18 openings). Inside Out rounds out the Top 5 studio movies with $17.6M in its 7th frame and a new $600M+ global total. Breakdowns on all of the above plus the rest of the pack follow. More on local language to come…

Mission- Impossible - Rogue NationMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION
Opening in 40 markets, Rogue Nation is No. 1 in 33 markets and set several milestones internationally. In 32 markets, this was the biggest opening weekend ever for the Mission franchise, and in 25 (estimate was 27) it’s the all-time best for a Cruise film.

Korea, as expected, was huge this debut frame with $16.95M at 1,198 locations; a franchise high start at 49% above Ghost Protocol. It’s also the 2nd biggest opening ever for Paramount, the 2nd best of 2015 in the market and Cruise’s personal career best. MIRN bested local holdover The Assassination and saw steady growth over the four-day in Korea. This is a powerful market for Cruise who traveled there last week to help promote the Chris McQuarrie-helmed actioner. It was the No. 3 market for Ghost Protocol and the No. 2 for the Cruise-led Edge Of Tomorrow last year.

The UK, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong were among the other No. 1 openers which roundly bested MIGP. The UK, which was the previous film’s 4th biggest market, set a franchise record with $8.3M at 570 cinemas for an 4% jump on MIGP. Mexico earned $5M at 680, landing MIRN at 129% above MIGP. This is the biggest opening in the Mission franchise, and the biggest opening for Cruise.

In Hong Kong, MIRN rode in with $2.7M. from 47 runs, good for No. 1 in the territory and playing 102% above Ghost Protocol. It marks the third biggest weekend opening for a Paramount title and the biggest opening in the franchise. It also logs in as the biggest opener ever for a Tom Cruise film.

Likewise, Taiwan earned $5.1M at 97 sites (74% above Ghost Protocol) and is the best start for the franchise and its tireless star. And, same goes for Malaysia where Rogue Nation grossed $2.7M at 133 plays, 101% over the previous film. Similar results in Hong Kong: $2.7M at 47; 102% above Ghost Protocol; top opening in the Mission franchise; tops for Tom.

Australia was 21% above MIGP with $3.8M at 145 sites.

IMAX plays lit up $12.5M worldwide for the 3rd best July opening after The Dark Knight Rises and Harry Potter’s final installment. The world premiere of Rogue Nation in Austria, where part of the film was shot, featured a purpose-built IMAX screen installed at the Vienna Opera House, with IMAX premieres also held in London and New York. Internationally, IMAX’s box office was $4.1M on 135 screens. As with the overall debut this weekend, Asia-Pacific is super-performing with a number of key Rogue Nation openings beating Ghost Protocol. Highlights for the franchise’s IMAX best include Korea ($55K per screen average), Taiwan ($53K psa), Hong Kong ($49K psa) and Singapore ($48K psa). Elsewhere, the big bows were Denmark ($70K psa), Argentina ($51K psa), and the Netherlands ($35K psa).

The top market overall for Ghost Protocol was China with $107M. China opens Rogue Nation on September 8 where Alibaba Pictures Group, the film division of the e-commerce giant, has invested an undisclosed sum in the actioner and is collaborating with Paramount on online ticketing, promotion and merchandising for the Middle Kingdom release.

To keep an eye on next week will be Japan where Cruise performs very well — it was Ghost Protocol’s 2nd biggest overseas territory and brought $15M+ to Edge Of Tomorrow. Paramount is opening Rogue Nation there on Friday while Universal’s mammoth Jurassic World gets its dino foot in the door two days earlier on Wednesday. The key Russian and German markets are also on deck in the next frame for Rogue Nation with the 3rd session adding Brazil and France — all included in the 25 markets yet to release in the coming weeks.

Film Title: MinionsMINIONS
Minions continues to prove you can’t keep a good henchman down. The frisky little fellows added a final $38.9M this frame for an international total of $567.9M. Combined with the domestic total of $287.6M, the worldwide cume is $855.5M. The Universal/Illumination Entertainment spin-off has passed Shrek The Third to become the 9th biggest animated film of all time worldwide — and there are still five more territories to open, including China on September 13. It’s gaining on Ice Age: Continental Drift at No. 8 with $880M. Abroad, Stuart, Kevin and Bob have passed The Lion King to take the No. 6 slot on the all-time animated chart and will next take on Gru, their Despicable Me 2 master who currently sits at No. 5 with $607.5M in No. 5.

Minions‘ new markets this week included Japan where it opened No. 2 behind local title Attack On Titan. With $6M at 330 dates, it was 60% bigger than DM2’s bow. The start in Korea was good for No. 3 behind Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and local holdover smash The Assassination. With $6.4M at 322 dates, it has already out-grossed the lifetime of DM2. In a wild hold, Germany has kept Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin’s critters at No. 1 for the 5th week in a row. The 32-day tally is $49.2M. What’s more, this is the 17th time Universal has been No. 1 in the robust market this year. Argentina is also making it a 5th frame at No. 1 with $33.6M in 32 days with Minions the top movie ever in the market.

The animated yellow fellows are also No. 1 for the fifth week in a row in Austria and Switzerland and No. 1 for the fourth week in a row in Belgium and the Latin America countries of Bolivia, Chile, and Venezuela. In Hungary, Minions is No. 1 for the fourth week and now ranks as Universal’s highest film of all time in that country. Today, it becomes the second highest grossing film of all time, only behind James Cameron’s Avatar.

It has five more countries in its international play with Italy on Aug. 27th and China on Sept. 13th.

ant-man 5ANT-MAN
Ant-Man is quickly advancing to $300M global after adding another $20.3M in offshore colonies this frame with strong holds in several markets and key releases yet to come. The international portion of the total $291.9M is $159.9M. In its 3rd frame, the Disney/Marvel incredible shrinking superhero flick has antennae up in 50 territories that rep approximately 63% of the overseas marketplace. Still to come are Italy, Korea, Japan and China. There were no major markets bowing this weekend, but Europe kept a tight grip on Paul Rudd’s funny and fierce bug with France down just 32%, Spain down 39% and Germany off 38%. The top three ex-U.S. plays thus far are the UK with $19.9M, Mexico at $13M and Brazil with $11M.

Pixels Pac ManPIXELS
Sony’s Pixels invaded 18 new markets in its sophomore session, adding $19.29M (down from the estimated $19.8M) from roughly 8,966 screens. The international cume is now $56.5M with 20 markets remaining, including the UK, Australia, Japan and China. Among highlights for Pac-Man, Donkey Kong & Co in this round was Germany which opened to $2.5M on 875 screens, ahead of both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (+9%) and 2 (+57%). In Italy, Pixels took No. 1 with $1.5M (including previews) from 370 screens and representing an estimated 32% market share. Russia was No. 1 again with $1.1M more in its high score. The cume is now $4.7M, surpassing the lifetime total of The Lego Movie by 20%. In Latin America, where Adam Sandler is a key draw for the family-friendly audiences, the overall drop was 34% from last weekend. Peru opened with $755K from 175 screens and out-performed Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation as the top new entry. It’s tracking ahead of The Lego Movie there by 100%. In Brazil, Pixels held onto No. 1 for the 2nd weekend, dropping just 22% to gross $2.4M and taking the cume to $7.3M, exceeding the lifetime of The Lego Movie by 81%. Mexico, also in its 2nd weekend, generated $2M from 1,316 screens with a 44% drop. This is the top overseas market for Pixels with $8M to date. Argentina dropped 29% to gross $1.6M from 225 screens. The local cume is $5.1M, besting the lifetime of Guardians Of The Galaxy by 20%.

inside outINSIDE OUT
In its 7th weekend, Inside Out has crossed $600M at the global box office — and that’s without Italy, Germany or China. This is the 7th Pixar title to reach the milestone. This weekend, it generated $17.6M overseas and a total global weekend of $22.1M (adding in the domestic take of $4.5M). That takes the offshore cume to $272.6M for a total $602.2M. The superbly reviewed film is striking emotional chords in 51 markets repping about 73% of the offshore footprint. While Mexico leads all territories at $30.6M, Korea follows at $27.2M (No. 3 all-time biggest animated release) and the UK is coming on strong. After only 10 days, the total there is up to $26.4M. The current session also had great holds in Japan (-15%), Spain (-20%), Hong Kong (-21%), France (-26%) and Latin America (-39%).

Fox’s John Green adaptation Paper Towns has lifted its cume to $25.4M after picking up a further $5.7M from 3,930 screens in 59 international markets in the 4th frame. Germany ($729K/No. 5), the Netherlands ($304K/No. 4), and Belgium ($212K/No. 4) all bowed this week. Notable holds came in Mexico with $793K for a $3.46M cume and Australia with $490K and $3.33M to date.  the biggest market for this YA picture is Brazil with $6M; it’s in its fourth weekend of release in that country. Paper Towns expands to 10 additional markets through August, including Spain next week.

Paramount’s other movie in international play, Terminator: Genisys, generated another $4.6M in 64 territories to take the offshore total to $229.9M. It was off 57% from last weekend. Japan continues to welcome Arnold Schwarzenegger back with $1.1M from 338 locations on the 4th weekend, and a cume of $19.5M. Germany’s cume is now $8.7M. This will be the first movie to return Hollywood to Chinese movie screens when it bows there on August 23.

jurassic worldJURASSIC WORLD
Jurassic World thumped up another $4.4M in 62 territories to bring the international total to $928.2M and the worldwide gross to $1.56B. Japan will finally get a taste of Indominous Rex when the market welcomes the Universal monster this week on August 5. This will be a market to watch in that frame as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation will also bow this week, in step with a visit from Tom Cruise himself who regularly performs here.

Ted 2’s furry foul-mouth antics added $3.4M for Universal in 47 territories, raising the international total to $79.6M. Worldwide, the gross is $160.2M. Spain took the No. 2 slot at open with $1.2M at 3339 dates. France opens this week as part of 13 more countries the bear waddles next waddles into.

magic mike xxlMAGIC MIKE XXL
Channing Tatum and the gang stripped down for another $3.5M on 2,090 screens in 43 markets, bringing the international cume to $46.8M. The Warner Bros sequel entered Brazil and more than doubled the start of the first installment with $365K from 171 screens. Germany’s 2nd frame added $1.4M on 452 screens with the local total now at $5.6M. The UK and Australia remain tops with $10.4M and $8.7M, respectively. Italy and Mexico are yet to twerk.

The Weinstein Co’s boxing drama punched up another $3.3M in 12 territories this frame for a $10.1M purse to date. Among the highlights for the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer is France where the film is No. 2 in terms of admissions with a $32% drop and a total of $2.5M. In the UK, Southpaw punched above its weight to move up a slot from last week and now has a cume of $6.2M. The Belgian and Greek cumes are $236K and $189K, respectively.

Warner Bros.’ horror title hung on for $1.9M more on 2,400 screens in 28 markets. The international total is $13.5M thus far. Spain opened to a final $233K, right on par with the estimate, despite the fact that that due to technical reasons on Saturday, many cinemas had to be estimated. Upcoming territories include Italy, Germany and Korea. Mexico is the No. 1 market for this film with $2.1M.

insidious-chapter-3INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3
Insidious: Chapter 3 scared up another $1.46M this frame to take the Sony Pictures Releasing International total to $57.3M. Overall, the Blumhouse pic is the top offshore horror film of 2015, per Sony, with a total take of $65.87M (counting distribs outside of Sony). Brazil was new this weekend at $984K and tracking ahead of Insidious: Chapter 2 by 134%. That’s the final overseas play to open.

Another horror film still playing is Universal’s Unfriended which is still playing itself out in five territories. The studio reports that it continues to have strong holdovers and grossed $929K at 663 runs. The top holdover is Germany with $694K at 368 runs, logging a 45% drop in its third weekend. The international total is $23.5M.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron added $800K in Japan, holding to a drop of 32% from last frame. The cume is $23.2M for the No. 2 Marvel Universe release ever, after only Avengers. Offshore total is now $941.6M with a worldwide iron grasp on $1.398.5B.

The Pitches tuned up another $545K at gigs in 10 territories to bring them thisclose to $100M at $99.2M internationally. The global cume is now $283M with no new openings this session. Next week adds Argentina and Denmark, two of eight more territories it has yet to debut.

As it chugs down the early tracks of its international release, Universal comedy Trainwreck grossed $296K in six territories this session. The total is now $636K offshore. Next weekend sees a key debut in Australia where it has been sneak previewing strongly since Amy Schumer and Bill Hader’s recent tour.

Italy is continuing its love affair with Fox’s Spy as the Melissa McCarthy comedy came in No. 2 this week with a little better than expected $327K (up from the estimated $283K). After its 3rd frame, the cume is $1.9M with the international total at $123.8M.

As Hollywood movies remain blocked from the Middle Kingdom, local pics continue to keep turnstiles spinning. Dropping off in its 3rd frame, however, monster hit Monster Hunt took an additional $27M for a Rentrak-reported $279M to date in China and five smaller markets. Despite the drop, the total is nothing to sneeze at: it’s now surpassed Avengers: Age Of Ultron’s $235.5M to become the 3rd biggest grosser ever behind Furious 7 and Transformers: Age Of Extinction. In holdovers, Pancake Man added $7.7 for a $158M total to date, and Monkey King: Hero Is Back picked up another $6.7 for $121M. Figures out of China last week suggested that ticket sales in July had surpassed 5B yuan ($804M), the first time that’s happened in one calendar month.

to the foreNew this frame was Lady Of The Dynasty with $9M at the weekend for a $13.5M cume. The love story is directed by Shi Qing and stars Fan Bingbing. Wild City, a Hong Kong/China action thriller from Triangle helmer Ringo Lam, made $8.5M for a $13.3M cume to date. Well Go USA has domestic rights. Well Go also has U.S. on To The Fore, a cycling action/romance drama by Unbeatable’s Dante Lam which releases in the Middle Kingdom next week. The Emperor Motion Pictures title stars Unbeatable’s Eddie Peng along with Ethan Ruan and Carlos Chan.

the little princeOfficial Cannes selection The Little Prince opened in France this week, taking $3.3M at 727 locations. The result was good for No. 2 and was 12% ahead of comp Big Hero 6. Paramount has the Mark Osborne-helmed movie in France. Based on the classic story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the local voice cast includes André Dussollier, Florence Foresti, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Canet, Vincent Lindon (who won the Cannes Best Actor prize this year for La Loi Du Marché), Guillaume Gallienne, and Clara Poincaré. The popular response has been overwhelmingly positive. Next week, it will look to keep a niche audience as Fantastic Four and Ted 2 alight.

bajrangi bhaijaanA word about Bajrangi Bhaijaan: The film has showed continued momentum for star Salman Khan. Most recent figures available show that BB is India’s top film of the year with 283.16 ($44.15M) crore through Saturday. It has likely already surpassed the No. 2 all-time biggest Bollywood movie, Aamir Khan’s 2013 Dhoom 3 which netted 284.27 crore. Aamir’s 2014 release, PK, remains the top Bwood box office hit of all time with 340.8 crore. BB is expected to cross the 300 crore mark this week. In offshore markets, trade analyst Taran Adarsh says it’s taken over $20M.

AssassinationThe Assassination slayed ‘em in Korea again this week, adding $12.7M for a cume to date of $44M. The film came in No. 2 behind the debut of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation which had the added excitement of having Tom Cruise for the premiere in Seoul. M:I5 will look to continue its muscular run there next frame while Fantastic Four smashes down and local pic Veteran debuts. That comedy/drama from The Berlin File director Ryoo Seung-wan follows a seasoned detective who faces off with the arrogant heir of a wealthy family. CJ Entertainment has sold it to 28 countries with a domestic release expected August 21.

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