New ‘Black Mass’ Trailer – How The FBI Helped Create A Criminal Empire

Following the first look from April that introduced us to Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger is a new full length trailer for Warner BrosBlack Mass. Unlike previous clips which have emphasized Depp’s unsettling and predatory performance, the new clip makes Bulger a background figure and brings the film’s frame – the FBI slowly realizing that Bulger had created a criminal empire with the help of corrupted FBI agents – to the fore. The film, spanning the 1970s through the 2010s, examines Bulger’s almost unbelievable career, from a small time thug who became an FBI informant, then to criminal overlord ruling the Boston underworld with an iron fist, and finally to a wanted fugitive who evaded capture for nearly 20 years.

Depp stars as Bulger, along with Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons, Kevin Bacon, W. Earl Brown, David Harbour, Dakota Johnson, Julianne Nicholson, Corey Stoll, Peter Sarsgaard, Adam Scott, and Juno Temple. Directed by Scott Cooper from a script by Mark Mallouk and Jez Butterworth, it’s produced by John Lesher, Brian Oliver, Scott Cooper, Patrick McCormick, and Tyler Thompson. Brett Ratner, James Packer, Peter Mallouk, Ray Mallouk, Christopher Woodrow, Brett Granstaff, Gary Granstaff, Phil Hunt, and Compton Ross exec produce. Black Mass hits theaters September 18.

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