Bill Cosby Late-Night Impression/Takedown: Who Did It Better?

Comedy Central’s late-night host Larry Wilmore and NBC’s Tonight Show late-night guest Judd Apatow both performed scathing impressions of Bill Cosby last night. Who did it better?

Larry Wilmore:

Judd Apatow:

Accused of drugging and raping dozens of women decades ago, Cosby continues to be much in the news. This week, he was cut from the upcoming documentary Painted Down, which explores the age-old practice of applying blackface to white stuntmen so they can double for black actors. In his interview for the documentary, Cosby described his chagrin as he watched dark black makeup being applied to a white stuntman so that he could double for Cosby on the 1960s TV series I Spy. The docu producer told Deadline the decision to cut Cosby came after even The View’s Whoopi Goldberg changed her tune on Cosby, after ABC’s chief legal analyst Dan Abrams explained to her the statute of limitations in cases of rape allegations.

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