Miley Cyrus Will Host MTV’s VMAs

Getty Images

Two years removed from the VMAs performance that officially buried her Hannah Montana character forever, Miley Cyrus is taking over the trophy show. The erstwhile Disney sitcom star will help celebrate the best of the videos that MTV doesn’t show anymore as host of the affair, which will air August 30. Her hyper-enthusiastic Twitter announcement:

It was back on August 25, 2013, that Cyrus broke clear from the bonds of child stardom with a sexually charged performance that helped cement her pop career and kill Robin Thicke’s. The VMAs drew 10.1 million viewers for its initial telecast that year before falling to 8.3 million in 2014, when Cyrus appeared onstage only to collect to Video of the Year prize for “Wrecking Ball.” MTV knows a ratings grabber when it sees it, so the “Achy Breaky” spawn will have the reins next month.

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