Stephen Colbert Whets Viewers’ Appetite With ‘Late Show’ Lunch Series

With Jon Stewart bowing out in August as host of The Daily Show to go be on a farm with rescue animals or some other very worthy pastime, and the man many had presumed would succeed him, Stephen Colbert, not debuting as David Letterman’s replacement on CBS until September, Colbert is tapping into the angst this morning with the debut of a weeklong web series, Stephen Colbert Has Daily Lunch With You starring Stephen Colbert.

Among the things viewers learned:

Colbert uses an old-fashioned mouse.

He has a taste for crystal paperweights.

He has an office with a commanding view but prefers to eat lunch in some worker bee’s cubicle.

“Lunchtime — am I right? Mind if I join you? … So, how’s the significant other?” Colbert says, catching up while eating “small sounding” food, including thin mints, baby back ribs, and – product-placement alert – Little Caesars pizza.

“Just remember, relations are complicated – you’re doing the right thing. That’s what counts,” he continues. ” This is nice. I’m really enjoying myself. I feel I can trust you.”

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