Fusion Slate Covers Sex, Drugs & Hip-Hop

EXCLUSIVE: Fusion today took the wraps off its upcoming slate, which features original and acquired docuseries, documentaries and specials. The cable network, a joint venture of Disney/ABC Television Group and Univision Communications, announced a number of premiere dates including for its new series My Selfie Life and original docus on subjects ranging from what makes a person sexy and fanaticism over celebrities to drones in America and the world of competitive ping pong.

Above, watch a trailer for Fusion’s original documentary Miami Porn: Sex Work In The Sunshine State, which premieres Sunday. And here’s a look at the hip-hop docu Number One With A Bullet, which will get its broadcast premiere on August 2, followed by the slate with network’s descriptions:


The Cannabusiness Report: Explore some of the biggest questions surrounding cannabis culture and the booming industry evolving around it with FUSION’s Ryan Nerz. In a special four-part series Nerz gives an insider’s perspective on the mainstreaming of marijuana in the United States and beyond — from the entrepreneurs, or better yet Ganjapreneurs, who have made millions off marijuana to how technology is shaping the evolving industry. Nerz is a Yale-educated journalist who has written for NPR, Esquire, and the History Channel. Nerz is the author of MARIJUANAMERICA: One Man’s Quest to Understand America’s Dysfunctional Love Affair with Weed. “The Cannabusiness Report” will premiere August 10 at 10:00 pm.

The Chair: Go behind-the-scenes to see how Hollywood magic is made as the award-winning docuseries “The Chair” follows two widely different first-time film directors, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson and NYU screenwriter Anna Martemucci, who are each given the opportunity to direct their own film adapted from the same original screenplay. The filmmaking experiment from executive producers Chris Moore (HBO’s “Project Greenlight”), Zachary Quinto, and Josh Shader documents the creation, marketing and theatrical release of both adaptations. The series recently won a DGA award in the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Reality Series category and is nominated for a TCA Award in the Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming category. “The Chair” premieres on FUSION August 28 at 10:00 pm.

My Selfie Life: “My Selfie Life” is a bold, half-hour series where young Americans film themselves living through a life-changing moment as they journey towards adulthood and self-discovery. Each episode centers on a major experience in one person’s life, ranging from the relatable to the extraordinary— dealing with a twin’s terminal illness, dropping out of college to pursue a career in YouTube, beginning a sex change as a nursing dad, choosing between love and starting a new life in America, losing 200 lbs. over Instagram, converting to Islam, and more. The 10-episode series will premiere October 2015.

Drug Wars, Season 2: It’s a war with no end in sight that generates billions in profits for those at the top. From scouring the world’s oceans to trekking through dense jungles, “Drug Wars,” a FUSION original production, is a no-holds-barred deployment into the dangerous reality of international anti-narcotics operations. In the past several years, nations have coordinated efforts to take a modern and high-tech approach to fighting drug traffickers, deploying teams to catch shipments as close to the source as possible. This highly coordinated defense means round-the-clock surveillance by land, sea, air and radar. In season two of FUSION’s popular weekly series, recorded during actual operations, we’ll take viewers to the waters off of Colombia, where they’ll board what appears to be a fishing vessel and quickly discover it’s anything but; learn from the experts how to tell where a parcel came from based on how it was packaged; hit the streets of Puerto Rico with “Iniciativa Comunitaria” in the dead of night to help drug addicts in need of medical attention; and become embedded with a new narcotics team that seizes $400 million worth of pure cocaine in just three months. “Drug Wars: Season 2” premiered Wednesday, July 1 at 9:30 pm.


Miami Porn: Sex Work in the Sunshine State: A Fusion original production, “Miami Porn” provides a portrait of the new entrepreneurial pornographers of Miami and how they’re changing the adult entertainment industry. In the age of social media and the proliferation of free porn on the internet, the porn industry is in the midst of a revolution. Models and amateur producers are turning to their computers, going solo to make money from clients, cutting out the middlemen and distributing their own content online. Through the lens of adult entertainers Veronica Rodriguez, Lance Hart, and married couple Scott and Phoenix, get a behind-the-scenes look at how independent “pro-am” production is heating up in the state of Florida, making it the second largest producer of porn in the country. “Miami Porn: Sex Work in the Sunshine State” premieres Sunday, July 19 at 10:00 pm.

Number One with a Bullet (Broadcast Premiere): “Number One with a Bullet” pulls back the curtain on gun violence in hip-hop America. Many of today’s biggest hip-hop stars have something in common, besides successful musical careers– they’ve been shot and lived to rap about it. From the producers of Lil Wayne’s “The Carter,” Tupac’s “Thug Angel” and the “BEEF” series comes a raw and unfiltered look at gun violence in hip-hop America. Experience the pain, trauma, emotion and rehabilitation of surviving a bullet wound through the eyes of five rappers (Young Buck, B Real, Obie Trice, The Last Mr. Bigg and 40 Glocc) as they take viewers back to the scene of the crime and into their darkest hours. Joined by a diverse cast of hip-hop luminaries (Mos Def, KRS One, Ice Cube, Prodigy, Jerry Heller and more), community activists, police officers, doctors and citizens, their stories expose the physical, mental and emotional scars of gun violence in the streets and in the music. “Number One with a Bullet” premieres Sunday, August 2 at 8:00 pm.

The Thread (Broadcast Premiere): “The Thread: #BostonMarathonBombing” exposes the undeniable impact amateur internet writers are having on journalism today. Following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, amateur internet sleuths took to Twitter and Reddit, intent on identifying the individuals responsible. The ensuing investigation changed the face of journalism forever. Directed by Greg Barker and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Jonathan Chinn and Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn, “The Thread” will have its broadcast premiere Sunday, August 23 at 8:00 pm.

The Search for Sexy: Known the world over for her podcast, “Sex Nerd Sandra,” Sandra Daugherty teams up with Fusion to take a closer look at what makes someone sexy. What does the science say?  Can anyone be sexy or sexier? Fusion talks to scientists, dating coaches, and ordinary young people to find out what makes someone attractive today. “The Search for Sexy,” a Fusion original production, airs Tuesday, August 25 at 9:30 pm.

Drone Nation: A Fusion original production, “Drone Nation” reported by Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller, looks at how drone technology is changing the way we see our world, and increasingly, how the world can see us. Camera-equipped drones are  being used by law enforcement and border patrol, farmers and delivery companies, real estate agents, filmmakers, journalists and maybe the guy next door. What are the implications with all these eyes in the sky as we become a nation watched over by drones? “Drone Nation” will air Tuesday, September 1 at 9:00 pm.

Top Spin (Broadcast Premiere): “Top Spin” features three teenagers battling their way through the world of competitive ping pong. While facing the unusual challenges coming of age in a niche sport, their journey reveals the passion it takes to pursue their Olympic-sized dreams. “Top Spin” will premiere Sunday, October 3rd at 8:00 pm.

Tom Felton Meets the Superfans: When does a fan become a fanatic? Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, gets unique insight into the world of superfans and celebrity, dissecting the unique relationships between the famous and their followers. As Tom steps out into the heaving masses, this is his chance to anonymously ask the questions he’s been thinking about his entire life, but because of his status has been unable to ask. We also hear from stars such as Rupert Grint and J.K. Rowling who reveal their own surreal experiences with fans. Ultimately, by beginning to understand fandom in more detail we find out if Tom changes his own opinions, and fears, around fans. Airdate TBD.

The Drug Warriors (working title) | A Fusion original production, “Drug Warriors,” reported Fusion Special Correspondent Dan Lieberman, follows the lives of those battling the drug war on different frontlines: the personal struggle of heroin addicts, the treatment providers seeking to help addicts help themselves and law enforcement battling an oft futile fight on the ground. Airdate TBD.

Can You Dig This (Broadcast Premiere): “Can You Dig This” delivers an inside look at the urban garden movement in South LA. The Delirio Films production, which was executive produced by John Legend and his Get Lifted Film Co., follows the inspirational journeys of four unlikely “gangster gardeners” who discover what happens when they put their hands in the soil, cultivating transformation in the middle of one of the most notoriously dangerous places in the country. “Can You Dig This” features a new, original song written and performed by John Legend and additional music composed by TV On The Radio’s David Sitek. The film is directed by Delila Vallot. Airdate TBD.


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