Ben Mendelsohn On Joining ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’: “Things Are Looking Positive”

Fresh off an Emmy nom for his supporting role in Netflix’s streaming drama Bloodline, Ben Mendelsohn hints he will join the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One.

“I think it’s looking OK,” he says hesitantly. “Things are looking positive, but I would think that’s something for them to discuss.”

For some months now, rumors have circled Mendelsohn for a role in the anthology, with the actor telling AwardsLine only last month, “I’m waiting for them to call me.”

“I’d be a very, very happy man,” Mendelsohn says, of potentially joining the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One, pictured with Bloodline costar Kyle Chandler

The film’s IMDB page features Mendelsohn on its cast list, but his participation has as yet been unconfirmed. He would be joining Felicity Jones, Sam Claflin and Forest Whitaker.

“I’d be a very, very happy man,” Mendelsohn says. “I’m right in the sweet spot for the actual first Star Wars. I didn’t wait in line for it, but I was nine or ten when that came out. It was a big deal, a huge deal. I went a couple of times to the movies to see it, so I’m a lover of that whole thing.”

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