Legendary Serves Up ‘Warcraft’, ‘Crimson Peak’ & ‘Krampus’ – Comic Con

Legendary Pictures descended on Hall H for Day 3 of Comic-Con, bringing with it three very different upcoming films, but all of them equally exciting if their reception was any indication. Fans went crazy as director Duncan Jones offered an extensive peak into the highly anticipated movie Warcraft. This was Jones’ third and final time bringing Warcraft to San Diego before the film is finally released in 2016. This time, Jones was able to bring along 10 of the cast members.

The film is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s popular computer game series, but you won’t have to be familiar with the game to enjoy the movie. “We wanted to make a film which everyone will be interested beyond just the Warcraft audience,” said Duncan. Panelists also offered their insights to the film, which centers on the initial encounter between humans and orcs. “It’s not a cut and dry good versus evil story,” offered Ben Schnetzer. “This is a story about two heroes on a collision course.”

Hailing the work of Jones, who faced the challenge of translating to the screen a game that has a huge fan following, Ben Foster said, “This is a man who has a specific vision. He brought that vision to a beloved game and he elevated that game to a film.” The movie opens June 10, 2016 from Universal Pictures.

The boisterous Guillermo del Toro arrived first with a trailer from his film Crimson Peak, which opens October 16 of this year. The feature follows a young woman, who is swept off her feet by a charming stranger, and taken away to an eerie mountaintop mansion filled with secrets and darkness. Stars in attendance included Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska, who divulged a little about the plot without giving away too much.

“The film is so much about secrets,” explained Hiddleston. “Every character in this film is either weighed down or liberated by what’s happened in the past and the House itself is the past.” He continued, “The exciting tension in the film is that every character is struggling to create their own destiny.” Del Toro also revealed that the film will feature a maze attraction at Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights.”

Also rolled out was a trailer for the Christmas horror comedy Krampus, which offers its own curious spin on a holiday that can prove as stressful as it is joyful. “It’s a kind of movie that is very scary but up until it gets scary its as if you’re watching a vacation movie or Parenthood,” said Adam Scott, who stars along with Toni Colette and Allison Tolman. The movie is about Krampus, a demon based on German Christian folklore, who seeks out and punishes the ill-behaved during Christmas time. The kind of movie that will make you think twice about being naughty instead of nice. Krampus opens December 4.

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