Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’ Unveils Scary First Trailer – Comic Con

EXCLUSIVE: The Walking Dead EP wasn’t at Comic-Con as planned to show his new Cinemax exorcism series but there was still a lot to see. The Outcast panel today at SDCC revealed a first look trailer for the 10-episode Robert Kirkman and Chris Black produced series. (Check it out above). There’s a very harsh bug-smashing that starts off the demon-dosed trailer.

Outcast Panel Comic ConBased on the Kirkman-created comic of the same name, Outcast focuses on the Patrick Fugit-portrayed-Kyle Barnes. Possessed by the forces of evil his whole life, the series follows Barnes as he tries to discover why he is so cursed and what it means. Gabriel Bateman co-stars in the show.

With the Adam Wingard directed pilot kicking things off, Outcast is set to debut next year. Before the panel started, they showed a video with the absent Kirkman explaining the concept of the show. “Like The Walking Dead, we come at things from a different angle,” he said of the horror series.

Today’s panel featured Wingard, Black, Fugit and fellow cast members Philip Glenister and Wrenn Schmidt. Recovering from throat surgery, Kirkman cancelled his multi-project SDCC earlier this week – though he did send an Outcast shout-out online earlier on Saturday.

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