‘Blindspot’: The Kick-Ass Girl With The Funky Tattoos – Comic Con

If you’re into chicks with tattoos, there’s NBC’s Blindspot this fall. The show’s creators as well as lead actress femme Jaimie Alexander took the platform at Room 6A today at Comic-Con and described exactly what brought them to a thriller action series about a mysterious Jane Doe (Alexander) who is found in a body bag with tattoos all over her body, including the address of the FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) who found her. His teams begin to decipher the symbols on her body, which lead them on to crimes around the city. Along the way, we see that Jane Doe isn’t victimized in any way — she kicks ass better than La Femme Nikita and suddenly realizes she can speak Chinese.

Revealed the series EP and writer Martin Gero, “I was lying in bed one morning, trying to think of great TV ideas and I came up with the idea of a bag in the middle of Times Square. Someone is approaching it thinking it’s a bomb, and it’s a woman. I to0k it from there.”

“I love women coming out of bags!” joked Gero.

“In every episode, the tattoos send you on a case of the week. Each week Jane also uncovers something about herself and who did this to her,” added the EP.

“We start with one tattoo per episode, but anything can happen. There’s a density of tattoos,” said EP Sarah Schechter.

Added Greg Berlanti who is also exec producing, “When Martin met with us he described to us how he used to make treasure maps as a kid, which I’m sure made him a lonely child. It was clear he was obsessed with the mystery of it all.”

Alexander said it takes seven hours to apply the tattoos, starting at 3 AM. During that time she remains standing, listening to The Beatles on Pandora and watching re-runs of Daniel Boone episodes. “There’s a fellow that has to paint my chest and that’s kind of awkward,” confessed Alexander, “also there’s this portion below the belt on my backside that has to be hand painted.” She then wears the tattoos during the entire shoot.

The actress said that Gero has looped her in on the big key points of Season 1 so she can train properly. Berlanti and Co. took to Alexander when she walked in the room given her tough exterior, a facet she has shown in Marvel’s Thor movies. “You got that compulsion that this is an actress who can carry the bulk of the show on her back; she’s someone who pulls you in,” said Berlanti.

Blindspot, from Warner Bros. TV, airs on NBC on Mondays this fall at 10 PM starting September 21.

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