‘Falling Skies’: The End Is Nigh, And All Will Become Clear – Comic Con

Members of the 2nd Mass landed in Ballroom 20 today for Falling Skies’ final Comic-Con appearance. Writer-producer Olatunde Osunsanmi, producer-actor Noah Wyle along with fellow castmembers Moon Bloodgood, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Conner Jessup, and Doug Jones took the audience through some favorite memories of the TNT series and offered up some snippets on its final season, which premiered June 28.

The group brought along clips from upcoming episodes, one of which showcased the survivors of the alien invasion trying to get into the mind of a Skittler in preparation for the final epic battle with the extraterrestrials. Tom Mason (Wyle) tortures the alien invader to get information about the next attack. It’s quite a change from a benevolent Mason viewers were introduced to in the beginning on the series. “Tom has become more aggressive in his strategy and a lot more cold in his thinking,” Wyle pointed out. Another character going through a 180 transformation is Anne (Bloodgood), who started out as the softer one who avoided the action and became a more aggressive warrior who was more determined “to fight for her humanity.”

As it being the final season, the group assured fans that they would get a proper conclusion to the series’ storylines including the love triangle of Maggie and brothers Hal and Ben (Carter, Roy and Jessup). “She has to make a huge decision which changes her life,” Carter said. As well as a resolution of the rift between Mason and Pope (Cunningham). “The gloves are off,” Cunningham said of Pope’s decision of his character to continue to help the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. “If Pope was ever a pain in Mason’s butt, he certainly becomes one from here on out.” Added Wyle: “There was always this underlying tension that existing [between Mason and Pope] because they are such different men that they were going to have their last go-round at some point. They’ve had a couple of collisions, but it’s always been truncated just short of that final decisive moment. This season being the last; we don’t truncate.”

Noah WyleWyle, who makes his directorial debut in Episode 8, lamented about bidding farewell to the cast and crew. “The one thing that you take away is the friendships and the memories of being in the foxhole together,” he said. Jessup added,, “What I take away from the show is literally the relationships I have with these people.”

This fifth and final season, which is being described as “the apocalypse on crystal meth,” promises that no one is truly safe. “I can’t say that anyone made it to the end,” teased Jessup. But fans can expect more emotional intense scenes and unpleasant aspects of humanity when faced with extenuating circumstances.

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