‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Gets Halloween Premiere – Comic Con

The small screen sequel to cult horror film franchise The Evil Dead is going to be doing some trick and treating this year. Ash vs Evil Dead will debut on October 31 at 9 PM, Ballroom 6A at Comic-Con learned tonight. Sami Raimi directs the first episode of the Starz series starring Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless – a kind of prefect Halloween reward to horror fans.

The 10-episode 30-minute series has a direct line to the Evil Dead flicks with Raimi, Campbell and Rob Tapert, as serving as EPs. The trio was the driving force behind the beloved big screen franchise. They are joined on the New Zealand shot series and on the panel today by Craig DiGregorio who serves as another EP and as a showrunner. Fellow EP Ivan Raimi was also there as well. Raimi said tonight that if the series continued to a second season, he would direct more episodes. “We need you more than ever,” Campbell told the fans.

In the show, Campbell and his amazing jaw once again play the role of Ash Williams, who has been hiding out from fighting evil the past three decades. When a fatal plague hits the world, he is pressed back into service. Lucy Lawless portrays Ruby a hidden figure with a deep connection to the Evil Dead legacy who is determined to hunt down the cause of the slew of evil outbreaks – and believes that Ash himself may be is the cause.

“It’s really a continuation of the Evil Dead movies,” said Raimi as DiGregorio noted the series was like a 5-hour movie “Starz didn’t want to change it, they wanted the gore and to push,” Raimi pointed out. The director/producer told the audience that the production was in the process of finishing the 10th show.

Ash himself went out of his way to make sure that the fans in the room knew they were in safe evil hands with Starz. “We have unrestricted content, that’s why Starz makes sense for this show,” Campbell said. “They don’t have a problem with anything,” the actor said to big laughs from the ballroom. “You have to quite far to find where the line is with Starz,” added Spartacus alum Loveless. The show is “scary and its funny, and not at the same time,” said the actress.

For all the boundary pushing, Raimi landed the best punch of the panel. “It was really great to see him play this old character again,” he said of Campbell return to the 3-decade old role. “This time as a real actor,” the director threw in with perfect comic timing of the Burn Notice alum. Campbell in return ask for a show of hands of women who would have sex with him tonight. “It’s Starz, I can say whatever I want,” he declared.

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