Will Tom Cruise Appear In ‘Minority Report’ TV Series? – Comic Con

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After Fox unveiled the first 20 minutes of the Steven Spielberg-executive produced show Minority Report to great applause today at Comic-Con, executive producer Kevin Falls quickly teased that Tom Cruise’s appearance is “something that may or may not happen.” However, per one insider on the show who was clarifying Falls’ statement to Deadline after the panel, that guest star might be just wishful thinking.

tom cruiseBased on Spielberg’s 2002 feature adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story, Minority Report is set in 2065 Washington D.C., 10 years after the film in which Cruise played Chief John Anderton, who is framed in his own unit’s pre-crime prediction system. The series offers a new cast of characters except for Wally (Daniel London), who took care of the crime-psychic Pre-Cogs, and Pre-Cog Agatha (played in the film by Samantha Morton and portrayed in the series by Laura Regan).

Spielberg’s fingerprints have been all over the project via his Amblin label, which is producing with 20th TV and Paramount TV. As described by EP Darryl Frank, Spielberg has been “involved on a daily process in every aspect. He’s worked on stories, arcs, pitching set designs and visual effects.”

Said the series writer and EP Max Borenstein: “At the end of the movie we find that the police infrastructure has collapsed and the Pre-Cogs go into protection. That’s the last shot of the movie. The show is about what happens next to these people.”

Len WisemanOne of the Pre-Cogs, Dash (Stark Sands) — who also is Agatha’s foster brother — opts to have a life of his own. He is haunted by visions of the future, but with the help of detective Laura (Meagan Good), he learns to become in sync with his gift. Mark Mylod directed the pilot from Borenstein’s script. Nick Zano stars as Dash’s missing pre-twin brother Arthur.

Wilmer Valderrama, who plays cop Will Blake, revealed one subplot detail during the panel: He has a romantic history with Laura. Things were disrupted between them when he nabbed a promotion that Laura believes she deserved.

Also appearing on the panel Friday afternoon were Good, Regan and Sands.

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