‘American Ultra’ Marketing Comic Con With Purportedly Free Weed

Comic-Con can be stressful business for the 120,000+ fans descending on the San Diego Convention Center. Numerous physical problems often accompany a week spent in the annual nerd confab, including insomnia, sore back, headaches, even glaucoma. Well, maybe not — but it isn’t possible to get a prescription for medical marijuana to treat comic convention exhaustion?

We mention this because stoner action-comedy American Ultra has come up with an extremely chill marketing effort targeting Comic-Con attendees who might have availed themselves of one of America’s myriad medical cannibis laws. An email with the subject heading “Wake and Bake,” sent out to media outlets from “the American Ultra Program,” contains a “redacted” flier begging for recruits and directing people to a website functional only on GPS-enabled smartphones. Once there, users are asked to submit driver’s license and other personal information, then proof that they actually have a prescription for medical marijuana. Once verified, so the site suggests, the user can have weed delivered to them where they stand, thanks to the GPS sync on the site.

Is this red-eye-opening campaign on the level? I was able to make it through half of the process, but I don’t have a medical marijuana prescription myself and therefore was unable to verify the delivery. But chatter on social media suggests nerds in desperate need of herbal jazz cigarettes are taking advantage of the service. If you’re among those who have, let us know.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2015/07/american-ultra-giving-away-medical-pot-to-comic-con-1201473439/