Vincent Kartheiser & Anna Camp Aboard Nat Geo’s ‘Saints & Strangers’ As Cast Set

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Vincent Kartheiser, Anna Camp, Ron Livingston, Barry Sloane, Michael Jibson, Ray Stevenson, Natascha McElhone, Brían F. O’Byrne, Raoul Trujillo, Tatanka Means and Kalani Queypo have been cast in Saints & Strangers, the four-hour movie about the crossing of the Mayflower that National Geographic is plotting. Sony Pictures Television is producing with Little Engine Productions, and Paul Edwards is directing a script by Bosch co-creator Eric Overmyer and Seth Fisher’s script. Set to air in fall 2015, Saints & Strangers is Nat Geo’s first scripted miniseries. It tells the story behind the founding of America, chronicling the trials and tribulations of the 101 men, women and children who boarded the Mayflower for a one-way trip to the New World.

Kartheiser, Camp, Livingston, Sloan and Jibson play “the saints,” religious separatists who abandoned their lives for religious freedom and an opportunity to create a new social order built on their values. Stevenson, McElhone and O’Byrne are “the strangers,” the Mayflower passengers seeking adventure and financial opportunity — not religious freedom. Trujillo, Means and Qeuypo play the Native Americans they find when they land.

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