SAG-AFTRA Seeks Protection For TV News Teams After San Francisco Attacks

In the aftermath of attacks on two TV news teams that were covering a shooting death in San Fransisco today, SAG-AFTRA said its local in the Bay Area “met with all major news stations and requested security measures for the protection of reporting teams.”

KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live from Pier 14 (video below) on a Wednesday night homicide when a mugger ran up to KNTV’s team nearby and stole camera equipment and KNTV camera operator Alan Waples was pistol-whipped. According to, Liu had begun her report when she was startled and said, “Hold on, hold on, wait” before moving off-camera as KNTV reporter Kris Sanchez and camera operator Waples were being robbed at gunpoint.

There were three attackers involved in the incident, the latest in which news crews were accosted by robbers in the Bay Area. The heists have prompted stations to hire security guards, many of whom are former police officers, to accompany crews, particularly for stories in Oakland.

SAG-AFTRA reps also met with Oakland police to discuss safety initiatives including: “direct communication with area captains; safety training; parking passes; and stats on crimes involving media in a ongoing effort to protect news crews. We will continue to reach out to the San Francisco Mayor’s Office and the S.F. Police Department to discuss similar initiatives and protections.”

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