Trevor Noah To Jerry Seinfeld: Jon Stewart Leaving ‘Daily Show’ At Just “Right” Time

“Let’s talk about when you became new host of The Daily Show,” Jerry Seinfeld says to Trevor Noah on this week’s episode of  Crackle’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

As Seinfeld and Jon Stewart’s replacement cruise the streets of New York in a 1985 white Ferrari 308 GTBi, Noah says, “I was, like, ‘Who’s going to get the show?’ It was crazy. Jon announcing he’s leaving the show…throws everybody off, because Jon does what no one seems to do, and that’s leave when the time is right,” Noah says.

Seinfeld, speaking for The Daily Show fans everywhere, insists Noah justify that beauty-pageant answer:

“Why is this ‘The Right Time?’ ” Seinfeld shoots back, noting the revving-up presidential race, “which is the juiciest time for that show.”

“It’s a political comedy show and a presidential election is coming up! How is that good timing? Please, explain it.”

“He’s got an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old. It’s the juiciest time in their life,” Noah responds from back in beauty pageant answer land.

“Oh, come on!” Seinfeld snarks back. ” This is the sick parenting culture that we have in this country now.”

A few minutes later, Noah says, “I feel that people need to know that Jerry Seinfeld called Trevor Noah long before The Daily Show said we want you as the host…I hope you make that known to everybody, because I feel you deserve the credit.”

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