‘Scream’ Review: MTV Series Goes Straight For The Entertaining Jugular

Almost 20 years after the first witty and scary movie came out, Scream is back, this time on the small screen. Debuting on MTV tonight, Scream the TV series is, as my video review above says, a light but surprising shot of un-self-conscious summer entertainment.

While updated from the 1990s with YouTube postings and smartphone stalkings, this Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein-executive produced series still distinctly has a bloodied foot or two in its origins. Yes, for one thing, there is a Ghostface masked killer – though the disguise is more contemporary. Sure, Scream the TV series is not as a fresh nor as smart as the first big screen Scream was back in 1996. But that Wes Craven-directed and Kevin Williamson-created pic was a force of genre nature that redefined horror and slasher flicks for an irony heavy and media savvy age. Scream the TV series can’t and doesn’t do that – but it doesn’t have to. As one character on the Craven produced MTV show says “slasher movies burn bright and fast. TV needs to stretch things out.”

With lots of beautiful young adults like Bella Thorne being shallow, scantily dressed, scheming, self-centered, cyber-bullied and sometimes at the wrong end of a very sharp object, Scream the show will jolt you every now and then and it’s fun. And that’s a pretty good goal to hit.

So check out my review of Scream the TV series. Tell us what you think and if you’ll be watching tonight.

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