Nick Zano To Co-Star In ‘Minority Report’ As Series Tweaks Twin Precog Characters

Nick Zano has been tapped for the role of precog Arthur in Minority Report, Fox’s upcoming drama series based on Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movie.

The series is set in 2065 Washington, D.C., 10 years after the demise of Precrime where a law enforcement agency had used three precogs – twin brothers minorityreportDash and Arthur and their foster sister Agatha — to identify and eliminate criminals before crimes were committed. Now, crime-solving strategies are different. Precog Dash (Stark Sands) – driven by his terrifying, but fragmented visions – has returned in secret to help a brash, but shrewd police detective, Lara Vega (Meagan Good), attempt to stop the murders that he predicts. As they navigate this future America, they will search for Dash’s missing twin brother, Arthur (Zano), while Agatha just wants Dash to return home. Arthur has a hard shell, borne of years of difficult experience in the outside world that Dash avoided. He is confident and self-assured, even Machiavellian, and, while Dash selflessly and heroically tries to stop the future murders he sees in his precognitive visions, his estranged twin uses his gift to consolidate personal wealth and power in the building of an empire.

In the movie, Dash and Arthur were identical twins, played by identical twin brothers, Michael and Matthew Dickman. The identical twins premise was carried over to the pilot, with one actor, Sands, cast to play both roles. (Arthur does not appear in the pilot beyond a blurred image at the end.) Now that concept has changed, with Dash and Arthur becoming fraternal twins played by two different actors, Sands and Zano.

Minority Report, from 20th Century Fox TV, Paramount TV and Amblin TV, premieres September 21.

This marks a change of pace for Zano, a foray into drama after several comedy stints on One Big Happy, Happy Endings and 2 Broke Girls. The actor, repped by UTA and John Carrabino, is also currently writing a comedy script for Warner Bros Television.

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