Donald Trump Critics Petition NBC To Dump Miss Universe, Miss USA & ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

As Donald Trump picks up steam in his bid for the GOP nomination for President, some of his more personally fervent critics think NBC should do more than just distance themselves from the blunt-speaking nbclogo__130422182418-150x150businessman-politician. Critics have launched a campaign via (remember them?) to petition NBC to cancel Miss USA, Miss Universe and Celebrity Apprentice. And in just three days the petition has gained more than 175,000 signatures.

Interestingly, when Trump officially announced his campaign and made his controversial remarks about illegal immigrants flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, his critics didn’t initially include Univision or NBC. It wasn’t until after Univision announced it was dropping The Miss Universe Pageant that NBC chimed in publicly that Trump’s comments did not reflect the views of the Peacock Network.

It’s not clear NBC would even consider dropping the pageants and Celebrity Apprentice because the network, along with Trump, owns stakes in the beauty pageants as well as in the Apprentice franchise.

Trump himself is backpedaling — slightly — to clarify that he didn’t really mean to lump Mexican border crossers in with “rapists,” murderers, drug dealers and other criminals. He went to great pains this morning on CNN’s State Of The Union to make clear that what he meant was that the problem is with the porous border between the U.S. and Mexico, via which he said lots of really “bad” people enter the U.S. from all over the world, not just its southwestern neighbor.

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