‘Terminator: Genisys’ Lords Over ‘Salvation’; Dinos Mighty With $84.3M More; ‘Minions’ Well Outpacing ‘DM2’ – Intl Box Office Final

UPDATED, 12:25 PM, 2:28 PM: Paramount Pictures just released its final grosses for the international start of its Terminator: Genisys and it earned $8.4M in 10 markets so it’s off to a good start ahead of its holiday bow stateside this weekend. Universal’s next is its worldwide animated franchise Minions, its raunch comedy Ted 2, the monster hit Jurassic World and the musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 has its international arms full and they are seeing better than expected grosses for the animated and dinosaur romps. Ted 2, not so much. Box office gross finals are in and updated for those pictures as well as Disney-Pixar’s animated family offering Inside Out as well as Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Disney’s George Clooney action sci-fi film, Tomorrowland. A number of titles from Fox also arrived such as the animated Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, its Melissa McCarthy comedy Spy, Poltergiest and Far From The Madding Crowd. We just got in Lionsgate’s Insurgent grosses in its second weekend in China but  are still awaiting final grosses from Warner Bros.’ titles, including San Andreas. Stay tuned.

Anita Busch updated Monday finals.

UPDATE, 4:54 PM PT: With Jurassic World continuing its global stomp-a-thon, and strong perfs from holdovers Minions, and Inside Out aided by the debuts of Ted 2 and Terminator: Genisys, the international weekend was down roughly 26% across the Top 10 releases versus last week. Excluding a handful of new and holdover Asian pictures that figured in this session, the Top 10 is down by about the same rate for Hollywood fare. The Top 3 movies this weekend generated $145M; that’s contrary to last year when Transformers: Age Of Extinction took a swing at 37 markets and generated a $202.1M frame on its own — World Cup notwithstanding.

Local-language releases which figured in Rentrak’s Top 20 this week include new Chinese entry Hollywood Adventures from producer Justin Lin; Chinese holdover SPL II: A Time For Consequences; Korea’s NLL: Battle Of Yeonpyeong, a military drama involvng North Korea and set against the backdrop of the 2002 World Cup that’s based on a true story; and holdover The Classified File. See below the original post for a closer look at these and other local titles.

The coming week sees the much expanded release of Terminator: Genisys which hits the U.S. and 34 international markets including Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, Russia and the UK. The last Terminator film, 2009’s Salvation — in which Arnold Schwarzenegger did not appear — grossed nearly $250M internationally, about double its domestic take. Salvation dropped off overseas from previous installments Rise Of The Machines (2003) and Judgment Day (1991). Japan and Korea were among Salvation’s top plays, along with Russia, the UK and China — even way back then. With China not yet dated, we’ll have to wait to see how the robustness of today’s market impacts Genisys. Japan will also be interesting — it was by far the best market for the last two movies and Genisys heads there later in July.

New next frame internationally is Warner Bros sequel Magic Mike XXL. The Channing Tatum-starrer from helmer Gregory Jacobs will take it all off in about 20 markets including the UK and Russia. The UK and Australia were among the best markets for the 2012 orignal.

Minions travels to key markets Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Argentina next weekend as it rolls out slowly across 50 more territories. It bows domestically on July 10. Inside Out hits Poland next frame, followed by Korea on July 9 in a similarly spaced-out release pattern. Ted 2 is also expanding in a handful of markets, but won’t hit the UK until July 10. It gets to Japan, the 2nd best offshore market for the first film, in late August.

Finally, Avengers: Age Of Ultron will hit its last market when it bows in Japan on July 4. Guardians Of The Galaxy made about $9.5M there last year while Captain America: The Winter Soldier took about $6.7M. However, the 2012 Avengers hammered out over $45M in Japan, boding well for Ultron.

Actuals are in.

PREVIOUS, 11:14 AM PT: International weekend finals are and updated from the estimates from this earlier post. Finals are here now from all of the studios, with Jurassic World still ruling the roost at a better than expected $84.3M (up from $82.5M) this frame — only a 49% drop from the sophomore session. But there are some notable newcomers and expansions in the mix. Paramount’s Terminator: Genisys booted up in a handful of offshore markets ahead of next week’s much bigger bow, well outperforming the last installment in the franchise. Universal sequel Ted 2 also opened its case overseas with several No. 2’s behind the studio’s JW. Meanwhile, U’s Minions successfully searched for a new villain in six more markets this frame and Inside Out spread the Joy with strong holds. Here’s a look at the film and market breakdowns. More to come…

ted 2 2Universal’s raunchy comedy Ted 2 cuddled up to 26 markets in its debut overseas frame for an estimated $20M. Of the Top 5 markets for the original, the 2nd highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time, Australia, Germany and Russia were among among the initial suite to go out this week. Opening No. 2 behind Jurrasic World in Germany, the Seth MacFarlane-helmed and voiced pic bowed to a little less than expected $3.7M (down from $4M) at 653 dates. In Australia, it was No. 2 with $3.3M at 265 dates and in Russia opened No. 2 with $3.5M at 1,088 dates. In Italy, it opened to No. 1 wih $1.6M at 5,284 runs and Hong Kong also debuted with a strong No. 1 with $1.6M at 45 dates, 46% higher than Ted’s opening weekend and a strong per screen average there of $35,555.

There are 38 more territories to open over the next few months for MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg & Co. Next weekend will see bows in Czech Republic, Cyprus, New Zealand and Singapore. The UK/Ireland, the first film’s top offshore play, bows on July 10. A curiosity about the first film was that it overperformed in Japan with a $47M take. Ted 2 will plead his case there in late August.

TERMINATOR GENISYSAhead of its U.S. debut, the latest chapter in the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Genisys, grossed $8.4M from 1,525 locations in 10 smaller territories this weekend. The start is 30% above 2009’s Terminator: Salvation and only 5% below Mission; Impossible – Ghost Protocol. This initial rollout included some Scandinavian markets as well as Latin American and Asian territories. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back after sitting out 2009’s Salvation to focus on running the state of California. He returns to the fold here in a time travel plot that sees him in both current and younger incarnations. Alan Taylor directs with Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Matt Smith, Courtney B. Vance and Byung-hun Lee also in the cast.

Of the international highlights, Singapore was a No.1 with $1.4M from 84 sites. That was 26% above Terminator: Salvation making it the biggest bow in the franchise and the biggest opening for a Schwarzenegger film.

Likewise, Colombia opened at No. 1 with $1.3M from 168 sites, 201% above Salvation and 300% above Ghost Protocol. Again, the biggest opening in the franchise and the best for Schwarzenegger. Peru, Vietnam and Turkey tell similar stories with No. 1 openings that well outpace Salvation. Marking how the market has grown, Vietnam provided $681K at 69 cinemas making Genisys 772% bigger than the previous installment. Peru grossed $910K at 85 sites for a No. 1 ranking and was 151% above Salvation. While in Turkey, it opened to No. 1 with a $562K gross at 463 locales and was good for 77% above Salvation.

The U.S. opens over July 4 weekend with 34 international markets also signing up including Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, Russia and the UK. The following week adds Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

jurassic world 2It’s a Jurassic World, we just live in it. The Universal juggernaut is still wreaking havoc around the world with $84.3M more in dino-might this frame. Playing in 66 territories worldwide in 16,970 dates, the international cume is now $745.49M. Combined with the U.S. estimate of $500.1M, the worldwide total is $1.246B. The 49% drop this frame is on par with the decrease from the 1st to 2nd weekends. The 4th film in the franchise became its biggest grosser on June 24 after also setting records for the fastest movie ever to hit $1B globally and helped propel Universal to its best global year ever – in June.

In the top-grossing JW markets, China has now cumed $203.9M, the UK and Ireland is at $79.7M, Mexico has swallowed $36.5M, Korea with $35.3M and Germany have stomped in with a final $35.7M each.

Minions trailerAfter bowing to $12.5M in four markets last frame, Universal/Illumination’s Minions grossed an estimated $37.6M in 11 territories this session, bringing the early total to $53.4M. New this week was the UK with a No. 1 bow and a strong weekend gross of $16.1M at 573 dates — the widest release ever for an animated film. With 56% of the market, the little yellow henchmen spinoff bowed 16% higher than Despicable Me 2.

Brazil was also a No. 1 bow, setting the record for the biggest opening weekend of all time for an animated film with $7M at 550 dates. Minions also has 54% market share there and is over DM2’s start by 60%. A four-week school holiday period starts tomorrow in Brazil where, contrary to last year, there is no World Cup competing for eyeballs.

Elsewhere, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and New Zealand all opened No. 1. In the first two of those markets, Minions has passed the lifetime of DM2 and will do the same in Poland this week where it opened 298% higher than DM2. Holding at No. 3 in Australia, Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin’s henchmen now have an $8.7M cume just as school holidays kick off. In Malaysia, Minions is No. 1 again with an 11-day estimated total of $3.8M.

In a slow-burn rollout, Minions has 54 markets to go, hitting 15 of them next frame including such significant plays as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Argentina.

inside out 2Also opening over time this summer to take advantage of school holidays, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out is looking at a strong hold internationally with a better than estimated $28.9M (up from $26.4M) in 42 territories. After opening to $40.3M last week, the critically acclaimed animation now has an overseas total of $84.1M with 44% of the marketplace open. Coupled with domestic, the worldwide cume is $269.2M thus far. Inside Out has several key territories yet to open including the UK, Germany, Korea, Italy and China. In holdovers from last week, Australia ($6.9M cume) dropped only 11%; France ($9M cume) was off 26%; and Russia again took the No. 1 slot ($13.9M cume). Inside Out is now the 3rd biggest Disney/Pixar animated film of all time in the latter market.

Additional openings this frame for the Pete Docter-helmed emotional rollercoaster were Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, India and Trinidad. India registered the 2nd biggest opening ever for a Disney/Pixar release. The top ex-U.S. market remains Mexico which now has $18.7M in the memory bank.

Poland opens next weekend with Korea to follow on July 9. Spain, Japan, and the UK rollout during July, and Italy and Germany will stir things up in September and early October.

san andreas 2After recently cracking $400M worldwide, San Andreas grossed an estimated $10.7M this frame in 69 markets. The international cume is now $299.2M. Crossing another milestone, the disaster pic is now Warner Bros’ highest grossing film ever in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The top market is still China with $99.4M in 27 days. Mexico had a strong weekend to take the cume to $29.4M — the 2nd best offshore play. Spain, with temperatures running high, opened to $1.1M on 403 screens for the No. 2 spot.

Fox’s Poltergeist looked into the light in eight new markets this frame, taking $6.4M from 4,473 screens in 38 markets overall. The cume is now $39.3M. Openings were hardly scary with $1.86M in Mexico, $855K in France, $443K in the Philippines, $429K in Peru and $353K in Chile. Italy says “they’re here” this Thursday.

SpyMelissa McCarthy comedy Spy has crossed the $100M mark at the international box office with $106.3M through the weekend. On 3,843screens in 65 markets, the Paul Feig pic is enjoying strong holds as comedy counterprogramming in a marketplace marked by action and family fare. With a further $6.15M this frame, the major new bow was in Spain with $542K on 392 screens. In overall markets, the UK leads with $13.26M and a 30% drop from last frame. France was down 28% in box office ($2.7M cume) and 11% in admissions as the Fête du Cinéma kicks off today with ticket prices slashed for three days.

Local Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F drew another $4.8M in Latin America in its sophomore frame, led by a fantastic opening in Argentina with $1.48M on 165 screens and the best per-screen average in the market. The Fox total cume is $45M.

Blumhouse Prods’ Insidious: Chapter 3 dug in for another $4M on 2,000 screens in 53 territories this weekend. Haunting international auds, the Leigh Whannell-helmed scarer now has $37M in the bag. Mexico just opened to $1.8M on 1,138 screens — far outperforming the debuts of the previous two installments. In India, IC3 opened with $620K on 280 screens, No. 2 in the market and the top horror start of the year. Elsewhere, there were openings in Venezuela ($280K/No. 5), the Netherlands ($250K, No. 2) and Greece ($105K, No. 2). Germany opens this week.

mad maxMad Max: Fury Road added $3.1M in its 7th weekend. Currently in 50 markets and on 2,481 screens, the offshore total is now $209.3M. Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron & Co had a 21% drop in the 2nd Japan frame where the total is now $6M. Korea is the top market this picture with $29.9M followed by the U.K. with $26.5M.

Warner Bros’ Entourage generated an estimated $1.7M from 1,500 screens in 36 markets for a $12.2M cume in Ari’s gold.

Hot PursuitHot Pursuit reported for duty in Mexico this frame with $773K on 345 screens. In total, the WB release generated $1.5M from 1,437 screens in 35 markets bringing the international cume to $11.1M.

Tomorrowland attracted a futher $1.5M in this frame from 36 markets, bringing the international total to $112M and the global box office past the $200M mark to hit $202M for Disney.

Pitch Perfect 2 is warbling away in 29 territories overseas, adding $566K this frame to take the sequel’s international total to $95.8M. With 13 territories yet to chime in, including Belgium, France and French-speaking Switzerland on July 22, the Pitches have their eyes on the $100M prize. Its worldwide total is now $277M.

Fox Searchlight’s Far From The Madding Crowd herded $501K in its Oz bow, taking the international cume to $12.9M. It is still playing in 11 markets and had debuts this past weekend also in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Greece.

avengers-age-of-ultron-large-horizontalAhead of its unleashing in Japan next weekend, Avengers: Age Of Ultron picked up an additional $400K in 32 markets this frame taking the international box office total to $919.1M and the global haul to $1,371.6M.

hollywood adventures 2Hollywood Adventures, a buddy comedy/road movie that takes the action to Tinseltown and stars Vicki Zhao, debuted to $26M in the Middle Kingdom. Backed by Bruno Wu’s Sun Seven Stars Media and produced by Justin Lin through his Perfect Storm banner, it shot in LA, and has cameos by such famous faces as The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg, along with Robert Patrick and Missy Pyle. Last week’s big winner, SPL II: A Time For Consequences, added $11M for a $72M gross to date across four markets. These films, which fall during the unofficial blackout period, precede the July 3 release of Farewell My Concubine helmer Chen Kaige’s epic The Monk Comes Down The Mountain which Sony is handling internationally.

In its second weekend in China, Lionsgate’s The Divergent Series Insurgent brought in an additional $1.9M for a total of $16.2M through the weekend. The pictures’ international cume stands at $165M for a global cume of $295M. The top market for the film is France with $16.8M.

Northern Limit LIneLast week’s winner, The Classified File, added $4.5M for a $15.5M cume, per local industry watchdog Kobiz. Still just outside the Top 10 for 2015, the period crime pic was bested in its 2nd frame by the arrival of NLL: Battle of Yeonpyeong (aka Northern Limit Line) which bowed to $8.7M and has a $9.7M cume per Rentrak. The drama is directed by Kim Hak-Soon and based on the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong which occurred on June 29, 2002 during the World Cup which was being hosted in South Korea and Japan — with South Korea playing Turkey that day for the 3rd place title. The real-life incident took place between a North Korean patrol boat that crossed into South Korean waters and launched a surprise attack on the Chamsuri 357, killing six South Korean sailors and wounding 18 others.

Sony’s romantic comedy, Ahora O Nunca (Now Or Never), which last week opened to the best start for a Spanish film at home, added $1.1M this frame. That was down 38% in a session that saw a heatwave impact moviegoing. The cume is now $3.9M. Directed by Tortilla Soup’s Maria Ripoll, it stars Exodus: Gods And Kings’ María Valverde; and Clara Lago and Dani Rovira from last year’s biggest homegrown hit, Spanish Affairs. Spain is one of the European markets where box office is down this year, largely owing to that latter film which broke records at over $77M when all was said and done in 2014.

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