With Banners Flying, Broadway Cheers Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage

Broadway’s twitterati over the sexual rainbow responded to news of this morning’s Supreme Court ruling with all the fervor of an 11 o’clock number that brings down the house and prompts a standing ovation. Here’s a sampling (refresh for updates):

Neil Patrick Harris: It’s a new day. Thank you Supreme Court. Thank you Justice Kennedy. Your opinion is profound, in more ways than you may know. #huzzah

Alan Cumming: Holy sh*t SCOTUS!! What an amazing day and what a great step forward for America

Ian McKellen: Congratulations, particularly to those who made the case for equality. So pleased to be celebrating @nycpride over the weekend. #LoveWins

Will Swenson: Gay pride in NYC this weekend might just permanently coat the city in beautiful, pink Happy-Joy-Love glitter. SO happy for equality today!

Audra McDonald: VICTORY!!! THANK YOU JUSTICE KENNEDY!!! Love must win? LOVE HAS WON!!!!!!!

Harvey Fierstein: “I AM SOMEBODY”

Lin Manuel Miranda: TO THE UNION! TO THE REVOLUTION! Good morning on this historic joyful day.

Jerry Mitchell: #FULLOUT …the pursuit of happiness for ALL in America! #loveislove #youchangetheworldwhenyouchangeyourmind #LetPRIDEbeyourguide

Jason Robert Brown: We’ve got a long way to go in this country, but today is a beautiful moment of progress in our history. Well worth celebrating.

George Takei (not on Twitter): “This is a happy day, not just for LGBT Americans, but for all Americans. It is the beginning of an era where we no longer will speak about same-sex marriage, but of marriage. And one day, we need not speak of LGBT rights, for they simply will be human rights. Across this great land, families are celebrating because we truly are one family.”

Ann Hampton Callaway: Tears of Joy!

Ricky Martin: #SCOTUS has just announced that love is equal across the nation!!! #MarriageEquality #LoveAlwaysWins #Loveislove

Richard Jay-Alexander: GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! #lovewins #somanyheroes #PRIDEHISTORY

Denis O’Hare: Marriage Equality!! Enfin!! So happy to get the news all the way here in France!

Kristin Chenoweth: #lovewins

Liza Minnelli: I have always said that everyone has the right to love who they love and today, with the historic decision from the Supreme Court, I am so happy it is now the law of the land.

Adam Shankman: Can’t type so well. Tears of joy making my phone too slippry. Thank you SCOTUS for making me an equal

Anna Kendrick: Today is beautiful

Jordan Roth: EQUAL!!!

Chris Boneau: Happily married in all 50 states and PROUD. #lovewins fb.me/6GrIXRhLB

Jason Alexander: Love won! Dignity won! Common sense won! SCOTUS is 2 for 2. Bravo.

Benjamin Walker: FINALLY!! #LoveWins

Christopher Gattelli: Love is love

Ben Vereen: Love finding light in America … Bravo. Love is love one never knows where and whom it will embrace.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Hugely emotional that marriage equality has finally come to the U.S. History! Love ALWAYS wins

And from the media side:

Lawrence O’Donnell: It’s official: Scalia is the weakest 19th century mind on the Court and the laziest writer.

Frank Bruni: And let’s be clear. This isn’t just a victory for LGBT Americans. It’s a victory for all Americans, a proud moment for an entire country.

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