Donald Trump Says “Major Lawsuit” Against Univision Coming For Dumping Miss USA

Looks like the presidential candidate is getting ready to rumble in court with the Spanish-language broadcaster over axing Miss USA. “We’ll be bringing a major lawsuit against Univision for defamation, and also they owe us a lot of money,” Donald Trump said bluntly to Deadline today after Univision said it wouldn’t be air the Miss USA Pageant next month. “They have a contract that is ironclad, no termination rights,” Trump added of the deal that was made between Univision and the Miss Universe Organization, which he partially owns. The contract reportedly worth nearly $15 million over five years was inked January 16, with the Miss USA Pageant scheduled to air July 12 on Univision.

Earlier Thursday, Univision said it was ending the deal because of the GOP contender’s remarks last week about immigrants, specifically Mexicans. “It wasn’t just people from Mexico I was talking about,” Trump says now of his June 16 comments about “rapists,” drug dealers and other criminals coming into the U.S. Also today, co-host of the now-not-airing pageant Roselyn Sanchez said she was joining J Bevin in dropping out of the Spanish simulcast of the show because of Trump’s comments. The former Celebrity Apprentice host denied that he is biased against Mexicans or meant any insult. “These are people from all over the world who are coming in,” he said of the crooks he claimed where crossing the border almost at will. “I’m not saying Mexicans, it’s an open house. They are coming in from all over the world.” He asserted, “I love Mexico, I love Mexicans — they have such great spirit.”

Trump also claimed Thursday of Univision’s Miss USA move, “They have no right to terminate whatsoever, and they just called me recently to apologize.” While the real estate mogul wouldn’t say who from Univision called him, he said that it would come out in the lawsuit. “They know what they are doing is wrong,” he added. “I wish we had gone with Telemundo; it would have gone a lot differently.”

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