Arianna Huffington Signs New Agreement To Stay At HuffPo Four More Years

So much for the speculation that Arianna Huffington would bolt from The Huffington Post now that Verizon has agreed to buy the site’s owner, AOL.

She just signed a four-year contract to stay as chair, president, and editor-in-chief, she said today in a memo to “HuffPosters.”

Her meetings with AOL chief Tim Armstrong and Verizon left her “convinced that we will have both the editorial independence and the additional resources that will allow HuffPost to lead the global media platform shift to mobile and video. HuffPost is now the #1 global multi-platform news organization with over 200 million UVs – but in some ways, we’re just getting started!”

Verizon, which wants to become an online video power, agreed last month to pay $4.4 billion for AOL and talked up its ad technology. Armstrong has been the industry’s leading evangelist for programmatic ad buying — the industry term for a process where inventory can be quickly auctioned by computers programmed with the buyer and seller’s requirements.

Some industry watchers wondered whether Huffington would decide that her new age sensibilities — HuffPo has a nap room — would be out of place at a more conventional telecom giant.

She says, though, that “we have a detailed plan to execute our vision and build on our core mission of informing, inspiring, entertaining and empowering audiences around the world. That means continuing our global expansion, investing dramatically in video production and distribution, and scaling our investment in technology and in our open platform. It means building out our world-class global newsroom as we end our relationship with AP, doubling down on our “What’s Working” coverage, and seeking out smart acquisitions and strategic investments that will bring in top talent and cutting-edge technologies to help accelerate our goals.”

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