Netflix Spins SoulCycle Emmy Stunt

Netflix burst into the Emmy scene in 2013 with a massive first campaign, which featured some unorthodox stints, including a House of Cards BBQ truck serving free food to TV Academy members during the nomination voting period. Three years into original programming, Netflix has not scaled back in its Emmy campaign spending, and it continues to throw in an occasional unconventional promotion among the scores of billboards, digital and print ads and screenings.

This Emmy voting period, Netflix is offering free SoulCycle classes. Between June 12-19, the Internet TV Network is sponsoring 13 rides in posh and traditionally industry-dense areas of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica, as well as nearby Malibu and Newport Beach. One of the upcoming rides will feature a surprise appearance by a cast member from one of Netflix’s top series.

Unlike the BBQ food truck, which was catering to TV Academy members, the SoulCycle stunt is not exclusively for Academy members but open to anyone in LA who signs up for the free classes. The hope, of course, is that, given the locations of the selected studios, the attendees may include industry types. And if they don’t sign up for the complementary classes, there still are Netflix series-branded free water bottles and other freebies given away at all SoulCycle Los Angeles locations during the week-long promotion.

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