Russell Brand Docu Gets Distributor After SXSW Flap

Brand: A Second Coming, the Russell Brand documentary whose subject tried to get the film pulled from its opening-night slot at SXSW in March, has found a North American distributor. Ignite Channel, whose pickups include Twinsters and Poached, both from SXSW, has acquired director Ondi Timoner’s film for theatrical release but gave no date. A Second Coming follows the erstwhile Mr. Katy Perry’s transformation from Hollywood star to political and social activist.

Former FX talk show host Brand had been set to deliver a keynote speech at the movie’s RussellBrandpremiere on Night 1 of the Austin fest, but he was a last-minute no-show. He post a long, wordy statement on his website whose bottom line was that the film turned out too raw. Timoner “wanted creative control and to make a documentary about me and my transition from a relatively conventional celebrity to whatever the hell it is I am now,” he wrote. After the film’s premiere, the director acknowledge that she and brand had clashed on subject matter. “Once he gave me creative control, it was a tug of war,” she told the SXSW crowd. “You know I like characters like this. And I like challenges.” The filmmaker added that she omitted some portions by his request for ethical reasons.

Brand: A Second Coming is presented by Interloper Films in association with Mayfair Film Partnership. WME Global repped the filmmakers in the deal.

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