‘Episodes’ Creators Embark On DIY Emmy FYC Campaign

Episodes Matt LeBlanc
Courtesy of Showtime
Showtime’s Episodes has landed Emmy nominations for each of its first three seasons, including three consecutive acting noms for star Matt LeBlanc and three writing ones for series creators David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik who pen every episode. The comedy, which is being produced in the U.K. on a shoestring budget, ended its nine-episode fourth season exactly three months ago, and Crane and Klarik thought it may not be on Emmy voters’ minds. Feeling that their show is being outmuscled big time by rivals in the Emmy campaign, the two decided to take things into their hands with an ad they scribbled on a white sheet of paper. The actual, hand-written note, is being submitted to the trades and paid for by Crane and Klarik to run alongside the glossy FYI spreads commissioned by studios and networks. Here is how the duo explain the motive behind the their decision, followed by their actual note-turned-ad. DIY campaigns are rare, but such a move worked for Melissa Leo, who won an Oscar in 2011. 
craneklarik“Okay, this may be the most pathetic instance of self-promotion ever. But let’s face it, we’re a bit pathetic and in need of self-promotion. So here goes. Everywhere we look there’s For Your Consideration stuff.  We open the trades or turn on our computers and there’s a spread for this and an insert for that. And the millions of DVD’s in the mail and billboards. Don’t get us started on billboards. We just feel like our show is invisible. (Which may really come down to self-esteem issues, but what can you do?)  And even worse, we’ve been off the air for so long, and let’s be honest, we simply don’t get the kind of attention a lot of other shows get. It all comes down to this, we love our little show — and we especially love our cast — and we don’t want to see it — and them— slip through the cracks.  So we actually took out an ad ourselves. (This is where the pathetic self-promotion comes in.) As you can see, we did it at the last minute.  But it seemed really important to get it out there to remind people about us.  We probably should have spent the money on therapy.  But clearly therapy hasn’t helped us yet, so we went with the ad. – Jeffrey (and David)”

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