‘Spider-Man’ Casting Short List Chipping From The Green?

By Dominic Patten, Ross A. Lincoln

With Captain America: Civil War filming in Atlanta, the pressure on Marvel and Sony to cast a Spider-Man is high. So it is that rumors emerged yesterday that the shortlist has been whittled down to four actors: Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe, rumored to be the front-runners, with Matthew Lintz and Charlie Plummer still in contention. We’ve now learned that the decision could come next week.

Coincidentally, Holland seemingly just happens to be in Atlanta this weekend. Earlier today, he posted the following photo to Instagram, from Topgolf Atlanta:

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The wallcrawler plays a key role in the 2006-07 Marvel Comics storyline on which Captain America: Civil War is based. That story put Iron Man and Captain America on opposite sides of the law, with Tony Stark the public face of a government effort to force superheroes to register with the government, enacted in the wake of outrage over a devastating battle between heroes and villains that left behind numerous civilian casualties. Citing concerns about liberty and freedom, Captain America goes underground and becomes the leader of those heroes who refuse to register. Spider-Man serves as what amounts to the swing vote on the question. At first publicly unmasking himself, as the government becomes more heavily focused on rounding up fugitive heroes, Spidey switches sides — a situation illustrated by a tweet this week from Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner:

Set for a May 2016 release, the Captain America: Civil War movie from the Russo brothers will hit similar beats to the comic and has most of the Marvel big-screeners including Renner, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson in it too. Additionally, Spider-Man is intended to play a pivotal role similar to that of the comics, which means Marvel needs him, and quick, to actually get him in this movie. Word is that the delay is due mainly to Disney/Marvel and Sony very carefully deliberating over who will play Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future, with the importance of chosen one’s presence as part of both studios’ worlds.  Notably absent from the above list of finalists? Asa Butterfield, rumored last month to be a possible front-runner but now apparently out of contention.

Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War comes after an accord was reached this year between Marvel and Sony over film rights to the character, which the latter has held for decades. Under the deal, the two studios now share custody of Spider-Man, with the wallcrawler being rebooted, again, then appearing in Civil War before starring in a series of stand-alone films to be produced by Sony but set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So one big, happy, cross-studio family, once they have an actor for the role.. Stay tuned.

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