‘Jurassic World’ Historic Global Bow Hits $524.4M; $315.6M Intl; Bests Franchise Lifetime In 25 Territories – Update

3RD UPDATE, MONDAY 12:20 PM PT: Jurassic World-domination began on Wednesday June 10 and ran wild throughout the weekend, bringing the Universal/Legendary pic to a global opening haul of $524.4M. In the process, Indominous Rex stomped on previous records held by The Boy Who Lived, for both worldwide and international openings. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 had held the worldwide title since 2011 when it bowed to $483.2M. In international markets, JW overtook HP‘s $314M with a $315.61M debut — an estimated 65% of that was at 3D plays this weekend.

In all offshore, the Colin Trevorrow-helmed Chris Pratt-starrer opened in 66 territories over the debut frame and played at a total of 19,612 dates. Along with its worldwide and international opening records, the dino-mite adventure pic also bested earlier domestic champ The Avengers with $208.8M. As previously noted below, this is Universal’s highest-grossing international weekend ever, racing past the recent $250.4M fueled by Furious 7.

Each overseas market was a No. 1 bow, repping 70% of the total weekend box office around the world. China led the frame with $100.1M, followed by the UK/Ireland with $30M (top 2015 opening); Mexico with $15.9M; Korea at $14.4M and France‘s $13.8M (top 2015 opening) in the acutals.

The rest of the Top 10 includes: Australia ($12.4M), Germany ($11.4M), Russia ($10M), Taiwan ($8.2M) and India ($7.6M). Just below those are Spain ($7.4M), Brazil ($7.4M), Italy ($6.5M), Malaysia ($5.6M), and the Philippines ($5.5M).

Here’s a fun fact: With just the opening weekend, the following territories out-grossed the lifetime totals of all other films in the Jurassic franchise: Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Trinidad, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

In nine markets, this is the Unviersal’s biggest opening weekend of all time: Australia, China, Ecuador, France, Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and the UK/Ireland.

Universal Pictures also scored another overseas record over the weekend. As I reported yesterday, the studio crossed $3B worldwide in the fastest time ever, passing 20th Century Fox’s climb to the milestone on June 30, 2010. Stateside, it now has the fastest climb to $1B domestically.

IMAX also had a record-breaking weekend with Jurassic World raptors whipping up $23.5M on 443 large format screens. The 3D performance is also notable with about 65% of the international box office generated by the enhanced experience. RealD equipped theaters brought in $70M, according to the company which estimates that 3D ticket sales overall accounted for 95% of China box office, 89% of Germany, 74% of Russia and 78% of Brazil. Anthony Marcoly, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD, tells Deadline audiences “really flocked” to see the movie in 3D plays which are feeling a sort of resurgence. When a movie is “done right,” he says, “this is the type of result you get.”

For full weekend results on other films in the offshore marketplace, see our international box office report, here.

2ND SUNDAY UPDATE, 9:49 AM, after 8:50 AM post: Talk about Jurassic World-domination. Universal flung the gates open on its theme park adventure on Wednesday as fans began to stampede multipelxes around the globe. The film entered the record books several times over the weekend and today has made worldwide box office history. With an estimated $307.2M opening frame overseas, and a domestic take of $204.6M for the weekend, the global opening is $511.8M — the first time a film has ever grossed more than $500M in one weekend.

The biggest global bow in history, the Colin Trevorrow-helmed dinos-gone-wild pic had the 2nd best start ever at the North American box office with $204.6M, placing it right below all-time champ The Avengers which grabbed $207.4M in 2012. Offshore, the $307.2M Indominous Rex gobbled up represents the 2nd biggest international opening ever, behind only Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 2 at $314M. Industry estimates had pegged a debut offshore frame of $220M-$260M, while some said $300M was in the ballpark.

JW is Universal’s highest-grossing international weekend by a large margin, beating the $250.4M previous record recently set by Furious 7. This has been a big week for Universal which made it to $2B international in record time on Thursday, fueled by box office champs Furious 7, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Pitch Perfect 2, and JW‘s Wednesday start.

In other international records, Jurassic World is the highest-grossing opening of 2015; the top bow for all the films in the 22-year-old franchise; and Universal’s biggest debut weekend of all time in seven territories: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Panama, the Philippines and the UK/Ireland.

It is No. 1 in all 66 markets overseas and averaging 70% market share around the globe.

The top-grossing territory so far is China with $100.8M across the five-day frame. Falling in line next in the Top 5 are the UK/Ireland with $29.6M; Mexico at $16.2M; Korea with $14.4M; and France on $12.5M.

Elsewhere, cumes are: Australia $12.1M; Germany $11M; Russia $9.4M; Taiwan $8M; India $7.1M; Spain $7M; Brazil $6.3M; Malaysia $5.7M; Italy $5.3M; and the Philippines $5.3M.

The European perfs are especially impressive given the heatwave we’ve been having. High temps can often keep folks from theaters here.

While 50% of the international box office coming from 3D, JW played to a raptor-ous global reception in IMAX with a record-stomping $44.1M, outperforming Iron Man 3’s record opening weekend of $28.8M by 50%. On 806 screens worldwide, JW in IMAX also set a one-day record of $13M on Friday. In overseas plays only on Saturday, the $6.5M haul is the best-ever one day international gross for the large-format company. In total, offshore markets delivered a $23.5M weekend, for $53K per screen at 443 IMAX locations. The dinos overcame Extinction, besting Transformers 4’s previous record of $16.7M as best international IMAX opening weekend.

Individual markets had fantastic per-IMAX-screen averages including the UAE at $119K, Taiwan at $96K, New Zealand at $94K, Australia with $87K, Singapore at $86K, Korea with $85K, France’s $73K, and the Netherlands’ $70K. IMAX screens were also the top-grossing location in many countries including the UK, China, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, the UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, and Hong Kong.

An $11.8M IMAX score fell short of the Middle Kingdom record set by Avengers: Age Of Ultron in April ($17.05M) but pushed a strong per-screen average of $57K. Eight of the top 10 China locations were IMAX engagements.

SATURDAY UPDATE, 8 AM PT: Universal’s Jurassic World is not only breaking myriad records Stateside, it has just given the studio its highest-grossing international Friday of all time, taking about $60M in a total of 66 markets yesterday. It has continued to open at No. 1 in each of its territories since bowing Wednesday, adding 21 markets on Friday. The estimated three-day total now sits at $130M across 17,318 locales.

Leading the overseas box office is China, which launched Wednesday and has a three-day cume of $50M after what looks like a roughly $20M Friday, which would make it the biggest day of its Middle Kingdom play so far. JW debuted in the UK/Ireland on Friday, stomping to a strong $9.8M, including previews.

In France, dino power has generated $6.1M in three days. The opening on Wednesday gave Universal its biggest debut ever in the market in dollar and local currency terms; although its Fifty Shades Of Grey is the reigning champ in France in terms of admissions. JW‘s 3D ticket prices will have accounted for the dollar difference. In Hong Kong and Panama, JW was also the studio’s top opening ever, and in Panama had the biggest opening day of all time.

In Russia, the Chris Pratt-starrer has attracted $5.2M in sales over two days. Mexico has ridden to $5.1M in one day (including previews) and Korea rolled to $4.7M in two days. In Australia, Jurassic World has a total of $4.6M in its first 48 hours.

Other notable landings for Indominous Rex include Germany ($4.1M/2 days); Taiwan ($3.8M/1 day including previews); India ($2.7M/2 days); Malaysia ($2.7M/2 days); Brazil ($2.3M/2 days); Italy ($2.2M/2 days); and Spain ($2M/1 day).

More on Sunday…

FRIDAY UPDATE, 1:20 PM PT: Jurassic World added 37 offshore markets on Thursday, lifting its international cume after two days to $65.6M. Universal Pictures and Legendary’s dinosaur franchise reboot kicked off in China, France and six smaller markets Wednesday with $24.5M including previews. On Thursday, Indominous Rex & company swallowed a further $41.6M, giving JW the No. 1 slot in all 45 markets where it has bowed. The Colin Trevorrow-helmed installment has scored the best opening day of the series in each of its plays. In the two-day frame, JW was at 13,551 theaters. It added 21 more markets today for a total of 66 territories going day-and-date with domestic where it is headed for a record June bow of $155M.

In China, where Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard recently travelled in support, the two-day cume is $29.9M. Markets that bowed Thursday include Russia with $2.4M at 1,204 locations; Australia with $2.1M at 268 locations — the 2nd best launch day ever for Universal behind Furious 7 — and Germany with $1.8M at 714 locations. Notably, in Korea, where the MERS scare has had a slight impact on box office, JW bowed to a strong $2.2M at 351 locations — the second-best opening day there for the studio behind Les Misérables.

With about 360K admissions, the film had the second-best opening day of the year in France — coming in just a lash behind Universal’s own Fifty Shades Of Grey, and giving the studio the three top  debut days of the year along with Furious 7. Co-star Omar Sy (The Intouchables) is helping pack in audiences.

We’ll keep tracking this dinosaur over the weekend as more numbers become available.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY, 11:39 AM PT: Jurassic World domination has commenced. The Universal/Legendary reboot of the classic franchise stomped out in China, France and six smaller markets on Wednesday. At 6,824 theaters, it grossed a total of $21M. Including previews in 12 additional markets, Indominous Rex took a $24.5M bite out of the day.

China, natch, was a No. 1 bow with $17.24M. This is the 6th biggest debut for a foreign film ever in China and is the 3rd ever non-Chinese pic to cross 100M yuan on its first day where the opening didn’t fall on a weekend or national holiday. That’s of particular note. JW opened on a work-day Wednesday as opposed to, for example, Universal’s reigning champ Furious 7, which bowed on a Sunday.

Outside the Middle Kingdom, JW opened No. 1 in Belgium, Egypt, France, Indonesia, the Philippines, French-speaking Switzerland and Trinidad. There are 58 more markets to open today and tomorrow in what is already the 2nd biggest Universal opening day of all-time in France, Indonesia, and the Philippines

JW also boasts the biggest opening day of the franchise in all territories.

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