John Oliver To Indicted Ex-FIFA Official Jack Warner On Trinidad TV: Do Tell All

You’ve got to hand it to John Oliver, who has called indicted former FIFA president Jack Warner’s bluster if not his bluff on spilling all he knows about corruption in the global soccer organization. Last week Warner bought paid air time on Trinidad TV to declare he was going to tell all and release all manner of damaging documentation of corruption in the sports organization.

Oliver has been raising cain about this for some time via his HBO gig Last Week Tonight and this week he turned the tables on Warner. Oliver bought time on the same Trinidad network TV6 to dare Warner to follow through on his promise. Because, you know, “Why not?” Last week Warner’s paid advertorial was titled “The Gloves Are Off,” to which Oliver retorted in his own paid pitch “The mittens of disapproval are on.” Oliver suggested that Warner really has nothing to lose, and “you may yet salvage your completely tattered reputation.”

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