‘San Andreas’ Has Seismic $97.7M Frame; ‘Spy’ Crosses $50M – Intl B.O. Final

By Nancy Tartaglione, Anita Busch

4th UPDATE, 1:39 PM, PT: Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World, which is expected to make a large international footprint, will open in 66 markets, including China and France in only a couple of days, on Wednesday, June 10. As we wait, this weekend’s San Andreas opened in China to $51M after six days, marking the highest ever opening for a Warner Bros.’ title there. Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which became the 5th highest grossing movie of all time at the worldwide box office this past weekend, stands at $1.349B.

The final numbers have been updated below for Fox’s newcomer and domestic champion Spy as well as the Warner Bros.’ stateside opener Entourage. We added final grosses from Sony Pictures on Insidious 3 a 6:10 PM.

Also updated with final numbers (and titles added) are as follows: Disney’s Tomorrowland and Warner Bros.’ Mad Max: Fury Road, Universal’s comedy musical Pitch Perfect 2 and their megahit Fast & Furious 7 (which is coming to the end of its international run), Cameron Crowe’s Aloha (which is being handled by Fox internationally), the horror films Poltergeist and Unfriended, Far From the Madding Crowd, DreamWorks Animation’s Home, the romancer The Longest Ride, the first in the action franchise from Fox, The Maze Runner, the sci-fi film Ex Machina and local Indian title Kaaka Muttai and Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 which made its final stop in Japan this weekend.

3RD UPDATE, 4:30 PM PT: The international box office this frame was down about 19% versus last year across the Top 10 films — including foreign titles – and about even with last weekend. Last year, the leader overseas was Warner Bros’ Edge Of Tomorrow which cruised to an $82M weekend in its 2nd frame overall. While it’s not exactly a case of that movie’s “live, die, repeat” tagline, this week’s winner was also a Warner actioner with a big international star — and a China launch. San Andreas rocked up $97.7M in its sophomore session, $51M of it from China. That was over six days in the Middle Kingdom while EOT took $25M last year in three and ended up with roughly a 2.6 multiple there. Elsewhere in 2014, the box office was still top heavy with the likes of Maleficent and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. The Top 3 this frame were rounded out by Spy and the start of Insidious: Chapter 3.

Last year also saw two Asian titles in the Top 10, while this go-round included only Stand By Me Doraemon, the Japanese anime that has now grossed about $70M in China. But in just three days, China — and the rest of the world — are going to be overrun with dinosaurs. Universal’s Jurassic World begins its global rollout on June 10 and carries on day-and-date with North America throughout the weekend, reserving just Japan to unspool later. The Colin Trevorrow-helmed reboot of the franchise stars Chris Pratt and is expected to be… a monster. More on that this week, and actuals tomorrow for the below films.

2ND UPDATE, 1:10 PM PT: The final studio numbers are now in with San Andreas the weekend leader in its second frame. The Warner Bros/New Line disaster pic was up 53% over its debut last week — thanks, natch, to China. The weekend in total was $97.7M with $51M of it from the Middle Kingdom where it bowed on Tuesday. There’s more detail below on San Andreas‘ other plays, along with new breakdowns on Insidious: Chapter 3 ($14.3M estimated weekend); Mad Max: Fury Road ($11.1M final) and Entourage ($3.1M); as well as all other studio films previously reported.

1ST UPDATE 11:21 AM PT: Fox has come in with figures for domestic champ, Spy, which has already been playing overseas for a few weeks. It added $25.4M this frame from 65 markets — and brought star Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig a handful of highs in some key territories. See below for more detail while we wait on Insidious 3, Mad Max and San Andreas, among others.

PREVIOUS, 9:57 AM PT: International box office numbers for this offshore frame are trickling through in staggered fashion with highlights thus far including new milestones for Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Pitch Perfect 2. Calculations are still due on newcomers Insidious: Chapter 3, the horror threequel/prequel that Sony is hanlding overseas, and Warner Bros’ Entourage — the latter in a handful of select markets including Australia. WB also has holdovers San Andreas and Mad Max: Fury Road; Fox significantly expanded comedy Spy. Below is what we have so far, with updates to come.

san-andreasWarner Bros’ San Andreas rocked into China this frame, grossing $51M over six days on 8,795 screens. Star Dwayne Johnson recently did a promotional tour through Beijing which will have helped the earthquake actioner shake things up. His swords and sandals turn as Hercules last summer did about $13M in the Middle Kingdom, but with Fast 7 now the highest-grossing movie of all time there, his profile has been raised even further.

In total, San Andreas added $97.7M from approximately 22,590 screens in 68 markets. The overseas cume is now $188.5M. Other notable openings this frame included Korea, where, despite a public health scare over the MERS virus, box office kept moving. San Andreas was No. 1 with $7.25M from 851 screens, including Wednesday sneaks. Hong Kong also bowed with 72% of the Top 5 films and grossing $2.3M from 85 screens.

In holdovers, the top markets were Mexico with a further $6.7M from 2,655 dates for a cume of $21.3M, followed by Brazil and its $3M for only a 5% drop from opening weekend and a cume of $7.5M. In the UK, the Brad Peyton-helmed disaster pic dropped to No. 2 behind Spy and now has a cume of $12.9M. Other cumes include Russia ($9.15M), France ($5.25M), Australia ($4.8M), and Argentina ($4.3M). Elsewhere in Latin America, Colombia, Chile and Peru all held the No. 1 spot. In Germany, where Barcelona was facing off with Juventus in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday night, San Andreas added $919K from 640 screens for a $3.8M cume.

spy 2Fox’s counterprogrammer Spy began a soft rollout internationally three frames ago and now has an offshore cume of $56.3M. It notably added more than 50 markets this session to take $25.4M from a total of 65 runs. Playing on 7,937 screens, the film is showing strong starts in several markets. In the UK, the Melissa McCarthy-starrer that features turns by Brits Jason Statham, Jude Law and Miranda Hart, bested the debut of The Heat by 50%, scoring $3.9M from 530 screens. It fell just 7% below McCarthy’s other previous collaboration with Feig, Bridesmaids. Elsewhere, buzz — and a lack of similar fare in the marketplace — helped build expectations and led to No. 1 bows in 21 offshore markets.

Both Feig and McCarthy had their biggest openings ever in more than 10 markets including Russia ($3.1M from 1,616); Mexico ($1.6M from 944); Brazil ($993K from 305); Thailand ($720K from 267); and Holland ($427K from 97). In Russia, the comedy had a bigger opening weekend than the lifetimes of The Heat and The Hangover, and doubled the lifetime of Bridesmaids.

Previously bowed in Korea, Spy continued to perform despite the MERS scare happening locally. It added $2.1M from 474 for a cume to date of $14.5M.

insidious 3Blumhouse’s Insidious: Chapter 3 made its overseas debut this session, creeping into 42 markets courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Playing on 2,989 screens, the prequel grossed an estimated $14.1M and is already on its way to becoming the biggest horror film of all time in three markets and the 2nd biggest in two others. Overall, the Leigh Whannell-helmed installment collectively opened around 30% bigger than its predecessor and largely surpassed comps The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity 4 and Mama, per Sony.

Individual markets were led by Russia with $2.8M from 892 screens, unseating San Adreas. The opening was 89% higher than Annabelle, itself a prequel of The Conjuring which Insidious 3 also bested by 47%. Malaysia opened to a strong $1.5M from 220 screens, also capturing the No. 1 spot and becoming the 2nd biggest horror start of all time tripling the opening of The Conjuring. The Philippines launched as the biggest horror film of all time with $1.45M from 224 screens.

In Vietnam ($518K/ 116) I:C3 is also the biggest opening for a horror pic ever. In Latin America, all markets handily bested the previous installment, and the Middle East contributed a strong $580K. Upcoming major openings include: Mexico, Germany, France and Korea.

tomorrowland 9Disney’s Tomorrowland found something of a bright spot in its international action this frame as it knocked Cinderella off of her No. 1 perch in Japan. Taking $2.1M in its debut, Brad Bird’s adventure was the No. 1 release in the market — but came in at about half the April opening of Cinderella. That film went on to hold the top spot for a Western movie in Japan for six consecutive weekends. The total overseas weekend across 100% of Tomorrowland‘s footprint was a little less than estimated $12.8M (down from $13.8M) in 77 territories. The offshore cume after three weeks, therefore, is $92.5M for a worldwide box office of $168.9M. In China, where it has had stiff competition from Japanese pic Stand By Me Doraemon, it has taken $17.9M after 12 days. Brazil opened to just $1.6M this session. There are no further releases on deck.

mad maxIn crossing $300M at the worldwide box office this weekend, Mad Max: Fury Road added $11.1M from approximately 6,985 screens in 70 international markets. The overseas tally is now $184.1M which takes the global cume to $314.8M. While Japan is in the offing on June 20 for George Miller’s return to the post-apocalyptic Outback, a China date is still unscheduled. MMFR is performing very well in Asia so far, let by Korea with a $27.1M cume after adding $2.5M this frame. Elsewhere, the best weekend plays were the UK ($1.2M/ $24.1M), Australia ($1.3M/$14.8M), France ($1.05M/$15.5M) and Brazil ($994K/$10.4M).

ultronIn brighter news for Disney, Avengers: Age Of Ultron this weekend passed Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 to become the 5th highest grossing movie of all time at the worldwide box office. Adding $13.2M this frame — and a better than anticipated $7.6M from international (up from the est. $7M) — the global cume is now $1.349B. That breaks down to $910.2M overseas and $438.015M domestic. Earlier this week, Ultron became the 5th movie ever to surpass $900M internationally. The superhero mash-up is in 91 territories which rep 95% of the international footprint as Japan awaits the arrival of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk & Co on July 4. As it wraps its run in China, Ultron has taken $234.1M there, followed by $82.2M in Korea and $72.8M in the UK.

pitch-perfect-2The Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect 2 continued their harmonious run, now having hit the $250M mark worldwide. The offshore weekend was worth $4.4M across 47 territories taking the overseas cume for the Elizabeth Banks-helmed sequel to $89M, with a domestic take of $161M. In its top markets, PP2 has a UK cume of $25.2M; an Oz haul of $20.9M and has tuned up $10M in Germany. Universal has 12 more markets to release.

Poltergeist scared up another $2.9M from 3,070 screens in 42 markets. It’s been playing for three frames now and has an offshore cume of $24.5M. There were no new plays for Fox this session, although Brazil dropped just 18% to take $958K on 456 screens; cume there is $5.18M. Germany’s 2nd frame of Gil Keenan’s update of the classic ghost-in-the-machine story was worth $691K for a total of $2.65M on 409 screams, I mean screens. Russia and Belgium will say, “They’re here,” next weekend.

The Entourage boys are back, with debuts in six international markets this frame. The soft launch comes ahead of what will be a rollout over the summer months. A $3.1M weekend for the big screen transfer of the HBO series was earned on 454 screens. Australia grossed the lion’s share with $2.6M from 310 screens and was a clear No. 1. The UK opens June 19 after the international premiere in London on Tuesday.

Just as Wall Street looks like it may be ready to let DreamWorks Animation out of the dog house, Home has crossed the $200M mark overseas. The alien-out-of-water tale earned another better than expected $2.15M (up from the estimated $1.8M because the screen count and markets were way under-reported Sunday) from 1,854 screens in 45 markets and has notably been embraced by Venezuela where it dropped just 19% in its 4th frame. The total international take is now $202.8M.

Cameron Crowe’s Aloha said hello to the international marketplace this frame with a $1.65M debut in seven markets total across Australia and New Zealand (with $1.5M combined) and four other markets. Brazil, which could be a play for the underperformer given subject matter and talent, opens next weekend followed by Argentina on June 18 via Fox.

Fast 7 topped up its tank this frame with $728K in 46 territories. The Universal juggernaut now has a worldwide cume of $1.51B. It is now nearing the end of its international run and currently has a total overseas of $1.159B and $350M domestic.

Fox’s Far From the Madding Crowd opened in France this weekend to a $269K on 109 screens. Its total cume to date internationally is $10.9M and it is still playing in 6 markets.

Ex Machina, the sci-fi film from filmmaker Alex Garland, opened in French-Switzerland placing No. 3 with $30K in 19 runs. It had already opened well in German-Switzerland. The total territory date for both French and German-Switzerland is $405K. It also opened in limited release in France with $152K at 69 dates to place No. 10 in their box office ranking. Australia added 6 more locales this weekend and has a total in the territory of $448K to date. The film, which Universal is handling, will bow in Italy on July 30th — one of only two more releases planned. The other is Romania which will open on June 19.

Fox’s The Longest Ride added Italy to its stable this frame with $339K from 302 screens for an international cume of $21.6M. Also from Fox, The Maze Runner chased down another $380K in Japan where it now has a cume of $4.72M for an international total of $244.2M.

Speaking of Japan, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 made its final stop the country this past weekend to gather a 3-day gross of $504K from 165 screens. Lionsgate noted that it represented a 1% growth in local currency from the opening weekend of Catching Fire, but a 15% drop in US currency due to currency devaluation. Mockingjay Part 1 has grossed $417.1M internationally and $754.2M worldwide. The studio expects the last installment of the franchise to benefit from the proximity of the two releases as well as a recently launched marketing campaign for Mockingjay Part 2 in support of their day-and-date release on November 20th.

Unfriended, the social media horror film from Universal, scared in another $238K at 98 locales in 11 markets for a to-date total of $1.1M. It has several markets to open in over the next few months with the next openings in Italy and the Czech Republic on June 18.

Local India title Kaaka Muttai bowed this weekend in the country on 153 screens to take in $467K. Fox is handling the film there.

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