‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Runs Over $300M, Looks To Int’l Box Office To Carry It

Mad Max: Fury Road has just surpassed $300M at the worldwide box office so far, but it’s a far cry from becoming a profit maker yet. With a hefty budget of well over $200M in production, marketing and distribution costs, this Warner Bros./Village Roadshow actioner is going to have to pull in much more to break even. It’s in its fourth week in release on both sides of the pond and will make around $8.2M this weekend domestically. Directed, written and produced by George Miller, the pic is at $302M as of today and, of course, that number will rise substantially once it hits China (which is still unscheduled).

All eyes are on the movie’s foreign haul at the moment. Last weekend in 70 markets, it grossed $21.6M on over 10,000 screens. It is performing well in such markets as Korea where it has been No. 1 for three weeks in a row and is currently playing in the UK, France, Australia (where it has been in heated competition with Pitch Perfect 2), Russian, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Spain. It will bow in Japan on June 20th.

The studio is counting on a big haul from overseas and strong word-of-mouth to carry it through. It does seem to have strong legs overseas so far. Its international take estimated at $177M as of today. After this weekend, it will be around $130M domestically.

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