‘Z For Zachariah’ Trailer: Craig Zobel’s Post-Apocalyptic Pic Sees A Trio Of Suspicious Survivors

This year’s Sundance Film Festival was a case of three times a charm for director Craig Zobel with his third time at the Robert Redford-created shindig, but he came with a trio of hot names in Z For Zachariah. Now we get our first look at the post-global-calamity pic that stars Chiwetel EjioforChris Pine and Margot Robbie as the seemingly last survivors of the late great human race.

Written by Nissar Modi and based on Robert O’Brien’s posthumous 1974 novel, the film focuses on the fallout of a nuclear war and the apparent sanctuary of the one place on Earth that hasn’t been decimated. A heavily radiated scientist, played by the 12 Years A Slave actor, sees his bond with what might be the last woman on the planet threatened when Caleb, played by Pine, shows up. Acquired by Roadside Attractions, Z For Zachariah is set for limited release on August 28.

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