South Africa Lion Attack Victim Was Hollywood VFX Editor

By Patrick Hipes, Dominic Patten

Katherine Chappell, a VFX editor whose credits include the HBO series Game Of Thrones, was ID’d as the victim of a fatal lion attack that occurred Monday at a wildlife park in South Africa. Chappell was 29. Her sister Jennifer confirmed the news in a Facebook post, saying Chappell was there on a volunteer mission to protect wildlife in the country.

Chappell worked for VFX company Scanline, which is based in Culver City and has branches in Vancouver and Munich. She was part of a group that worked on Game Of Thrones, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Insurgent series. She was born in Rye, NY, but moved to Vancouver in 2013.

According to news reports, Chappell, was a passenger Monday in a vehicle with a tour operator at Lion Park, a wildlife center outside Johannesburg. Park officials confirmed she was taking pictures of a lion through an open window — against park policy — when a lion approached from the side. According to a statement from the park, the lion stopped about 3-4 feet from the vehicle and sprang at the car, biting Chappell through the open window. The tour guide was injured trying to fight off the animal but the park said he is expected to survive. Chappell died at the scene.

A memorial service for Chappell is set for Sunday in Rye.

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