Seth MacFarlane Rips A&E, Says Critics’ Choice Genius Award “Like Being Called Thin At Disneyland”

Accepting the Critic’s Choice Genius Award tonight during the 5th annual Critics’ Choice TV Awards, Seth MacFarlane took no prisoners, least of all himself. Mocking the award for calling him a genius in Hollywood, saying it’s “like being called thin at Disneyland,” he also turned his sights on the award show’s network, A&E. Opening with a joke about how few people were likely to actually be watching, he later added “Let’s also not forget that I’m being declared a genius on the network that airs Duck Dynasty,” which, he reminded the audience, features people who believe “hurricanes are caused by gay marriage.”

It looks, however, like A&E isn’t happy being the butt of the joke: video of MacFarlane’s speech, included here, was only partially uploaded to the network’s official youtube channel, the feed cut off just before MacFarlane tore into Duck Dynasty. (Tellingly, all of Charlize Theron’s speech, and every single other video, was uploaded by the network without cuts.) But the audience loved it, each dis drawing louder and louder laughs from the seriously lubricated crowd.

Here’s the full acceptance speech:

This is very exciting, standing here live on A&E with close to a billion people watching something else. I don’t win a ton of awards, so this is going to look great next to my soccer participation trophy from 1988. The word ‘genius’ gets thrown around a lot, which is good because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be getting this. But even taking that into account, let’s put this in perspective here – being called a genius in Hollywood is kind of like being called thin at Disneyland, this is not a bar that is all that high. Let’s also not forget that I’m being declared a genius on the network that airs Duck Dynasty, this is a show whose cast members believe that hurricanes are caused by gay marriage. I wish I were joking.

But honestly, I do appreciate this very much, I bust my ass, try to do the best job with everything I do, so it’s always nice to get a little hat’s off for that. I wanna thank my beautiful wife, Alicia, who I married three hours ago because my publicist said it would make this speech more relatable. I wanna thank the people at Fox, who years ago took a chance on a quirky little animated show, about a bumbling dad and his family, which I saw, and then created Family Guy. And I want to thank the broadcast critics for everything. You’ve given me all that great criticism over the years, and not this trophy, you guys are like a remorseful, abusive dad. I’m sorry about all the cigarette burns but here’s five bucks cause it’s Easter.

Because you guys are being so cool here, I’m going to give you an out. You can take this back after you’ve seen Ted 2 and Mark Wahlberg gets sperm in his eyes. In all seriousness, all I can say is that I’m very grateful, and if my work has made the world even just a tiny bit better … I would be incredibly surprised.

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