‘San Andreas’ Rocks With $63.9M In Overseas Bow; ‘Tomorrowland’ Up $31M+ – Intl B.O. Final

By Nancy Tartaglione, Anita Busch

UPDATE, 12:44 PM, PT, Monday: Warner Bros./Village Roadshow’s San Andreas cracked well over the $60M mark internationally this weekend to help boost its worldwide cume to $118.5M, just in front of its China bow tomorrow. The George Clooney, Britt Robertson-starring  Tomorrowland also logged a better than expected performance over the weekend bringing its final tally to $31.2M (up almost $2M from the $29.3M estimated on Sunday) after bowing in China last Tuesday. Other film finals are in for Warner Bros.’ Mad Max: Fury Road (now at $165M internationally); Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as its Cinderella. Fox just reported for its and MGM’s reboot of the classic horror film Poltergeist, Melissa McCarthy-starring Spy, which released internationally two weeks before its domestic release this weekend along with The Maze Runner, and The Longest Ride and DreamWorks Animation’s Home. Universal’s $200M-plus musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 grabbed another nice weekend purseful and its billion dollar baby Furious 7 is still playing in 56 markets. They also reported for the sci-fi flick Ex Machina and the horror film Unfriended.

UPDATE, 3 PM PT: This weekend’s international box office was roughly on par with last frame across the top studio releases, but up when factoring in the $30M debut performance of Stand By Me Doraemon in China as well as Bollywood blockbuster PK‘s extra $3.3M in its record-setting Middle Kingdom run. Versus last year’s comparable frame, there was a drop of over 30%. At this time in 2014, Maleficent saw a $106.1M bow while X-Men: Days Of Future Past was magnetic in its continued offshore play with a further $95.6M. The top two Hollywood titles this week, San Andreas and Tomorrowland, grossed $60M and $29.3M, respectively.

New entries next weekend include Warner Bros’ Entourage in select markets and North America before continued rollout over the summer months. Also on deck is Insidious: Chapter 3, the latest installment in the Jason Blum-produced series. In significant expansion is Fox’s Spy which steals its way into the U.S. and 52 offshore plays after already notching $27.8M in two overseas frames; San Andreas, meanwhile, rolls into China and Korea. The next major new opener is reserved for the following week when Jurassic World begins stomping around the globe on June 10 — including in China.

We’ll have actuals on this week’s roster tomorrow. Below is the rundown of the weekend as it currently stands.

PREVIOUS 12 PM PT: After getting off to a Rock-solid start with a rollout that began Wednesday, new entry San Andreas leads the international box office frame with a much better than expected $63.9M (Sunday’s estimate was $60M) from 60 markets. The disaster pic scored No. 1 bows in 55 countries, performing especially well in Mexico. Also notably playing internationally are holdovers Tomorrowland, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and Pitch Perfect 2; along with Japanese anime Stand By Me Doraemon. The latter, a summer 2014 release in its country of origin, landed in China this week with a $30M start that makes it the No. 2 international title of the session behind San Andreas. See below for a rundown of the studio pics in play.

San Andreas posterHard to find fault with the bow of Warner Bros-New Line/Village Roadshow’s San Andreas which rocked up $63.9M in 60 markets, repping 50%-60% of the international footprint. Combined with the domestic take, star Dwayne Johnson’s best solo bow ever — the global total is $118.5M. Playing on 15,420 screens abroad, it was No. 1 in 55 countries. Notably, the Brad Peyton-helmed action thriller grossed a fantastic $10.1M in Mexico on 3,150 screens. With 75% of the market’s Top Five, San Andreas is the 2nd best Warner opening of all time and the best ever for a disaster movie south of the border.

Elsewhere, the UK grossed $7.2M from 840 screens, including previews; Russia was good for $5.3M on 2,256 screens; Brazil opened to a 44% share of the Top 5 films, grossing $3.2M on 926 screens; and The Rock grabbed 38% of the Top 5 titles in France with $3.1M on a relatively low 496 screens. In other markets, Australia grossed $2.4M on 448; Germany was $2M on 640 – 96% of which were in 3D – and with a big F-S jump to boost it over Poltergeist for No. 1; and Italy opened to $1.1M on 394. Warner Bros. noted that with a national holiday in Italy on June 2nd they expect strong holds leading up to next weekend.

Asia looks promising for San Andreas as the region brought in a better than expected $11.7M this weekend on 2,421 screens including in Taiwan ($2.3M), Malaysia ($2.3M), Thailand ($1.75M), the Philippines ($1.62M), Singapore and Indonesia. There are still seven other markets to open this weekend, including the aforementioned China tomorrow and Korea and Hong Kong this coming Thursday.

Johnson was 2013’s top international box office draw among Hollywood stars, and with San Andreas and Furious 7 this year, 2015 is off to a fine start for the actor. For San Andreas, he helped raise the quakes overseas by participating in a two-week worldwide tour.

'Tomrrowland' Leads Memorial Day Box OfficeDisney’s Tomorrowland added $31.2M (up from the $29.3M Sunday estimate) this frame with China jumping in as the No. 1 offshore market. Beginning its Middle Kingdom run on Tuesday, Tomorrowland amassed a better than anticipated $14.1M there. George Clooney was in Shanghai ahead of the opening to add some star power, but the first China frame came in on par with the 2nd North American session. That said, there are a number of local films in the Middle Kingdom mix while Disney’s own Avengers: Age Of Ultron is wrapping doraemonits run and Japanese manga Stand By Me Doraemon has caused a huge stir with $30M in its first frame. (The animated pic that features the titular time-traveling robot cat and which is part of a long-running series was the No. 1 local film in Japan in 2014 and marks the first time in several years that a Japanese movie has been released in China.)

After two sessions, Tomorrowland‘s Top 5 offshore markets are completed by Russia ($6.3M), the UK ($6.3M), Mexico ($4.5M) and France ($4.1M). The international cume for Tomorrowland thus far is $70M with 75 territories now repping 88% of the footprint. Combined with domestic, it’s tallied up $134.5M.

Brazil and Japan are still in Tomorrowland‘s future. Bowing next weekend, Brazil is particularly fond of family fare, and doesn’t always follow trends in the rest of the world, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on what happens there. Japan, meanwhile, is generally Disney friendly. The studio’s own Cinderella is currently enjoying a strong run. It’s the top Western release for a 6th consecutive frame and is the biggest film of 2015 overall with $41.3M to date. Its international total is now $333.6M for a global gross of $532M. It is still playing in 11 markets and has no new territories to open. It added another $2.2M this weekend. China is the film’s biggest market with $71.1M.

mad maxIn its 3rd frame, Mad Max: Fury Road drove up another $21.6M from 10,220 screens in 70 markets. That takes the international cume to $165M on the Warner Bros/Village Roadshow reboot. Korea held No. 1 for the 3rd time with an additional $5.1M on 670 screens – the drop was a slight 16%. The cume there is $23.5M.

In the UK, George Miller’s thriller held with $2.7M at 756 screens for a cume of $21.3M. France added $2M in the No. 2 position for a local total of $14M. The well-reviewed pic that debuted in Cannes on May 14 also counts Australia among its best markets with $12.9M in the tank and the Queens Birthday holiday coming up. Other notable cumes are Russia at $12.1M;Brazil with $9.1M; Germany with $7.2M and a strong showing in 3D; Mexico at $7.1M; and Spain at $3.3M. The actioner bows in Japan on June 20th.

Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron took in another $18.9M (up from an est. $17.6M) during the current session for an international total of $895.6M and a global haul of $1.32B. It’s playing in 91 offshore markets with China in the lead at $226.6M, followed by Korea ($82.1M), the UK ($71.9M), Mexico ($49.9M) and Brazil ($46.6M). Japan will be the last international territory for Ultron on July 4.

pitchperfect 2Universal is singing a happy tune after three weeks of overseas release for Pitch Perfect 2. The overseas weekend estimate is $10.1M in 46 territories for a to-date total of $80.67M in the offshore songbook. The worldwide total is now $228.2M.

The Barden Bellas harmonized new openings in nine markets with Italy and Korea notably hitting higher notes than the original film. In Italy, PP2 earned an estimated $319K at 261 dates — twice as big as PP1. In Korea, $401K at 246 dates means PP2 is seven times bigger than the first movie. Hong Kong also opened with $234K at 25 dates; the original was not released there. In holdovers, the UK is eyeing a $2.9M frame for a 17-day total of $22.8M; Australia’s weekend estimate is $1.4M for a 24-day total of $19.7M; and Germany’s weekend estimate is $1.3M for an 18-day total of $9.1M. In South Africa, PP2 is No. 1 for the 3rd frame in a row with a local total of $1.5M. English- and German-speaking markets were tops on the first movie. There are 12 further territories tuning up for the Elizabeth Banks’-helmed hit.

SpyIn a solid counterprogramming effort, Fox comedy Spy has uncovered a warm welcome in Asia Pacific. With $8.9M from 1,633 screens in its 2nd frame in 10 markets, it now has a cume of $27.7M. The Paul Feig-helmed pic that stars Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude Law had strong holds across the region with Korea notably down just around 19% to $3.8M for an $11.4M cume to date. In Australia, the drop was 33% for a $5.7M cume and in Hong Kong, the pic is No. 1 with $1.9M. The U.S. releases next weekend along with 52 more international markets.

Poltergeist scared up another $6.65M from 3,859 screens in 47 markets. Germany notably said “they’re here” to the tune of $1.5M which was 34% bigger than Insidious 2, per Fox. Holds were good with the UK the lead offshore market at a cume of $5.14M, followed by Brazil with $3.94M after adding $1.26M in the current frame. The international cume is now a little less than anticipated $18.4M (down from the estimated $19.15M) with 20 additional markets to come over the summer.

DreamWorks Animation’s Home continues to hold the fort in Venezuela where it is down just 10% in its 3rd frame and now has a cume of $5.59M there. In total, the Fox release picked up another  $3.8M (up from the estimated $2.7M) from 2,877 screens (up from 1,012 screens) in 45 (up from 22) markets. Home is now “Oh” so close to a $200M international take with the total through Sunday estimated at $199.5M.

Although its engines are cooling after eight weeks in international release, Furious 7 is still playing in 50 territories. This frame, it added $1.8M to bring the offshore total to $1.157B and the worldwide kitty to $1.507B.

Ex Machina is playing in 11 markets to grab another $138K from 205 dates. Alex Garland’s sci-fi film has an international total now of $10.6M. After rolling into another 10 locales in Australia, it earned another $63K (for a per screen average of $3,705) up 42% for a total there of $374K. Given the strong per screens, they will book more regional dates over the next few weeks and some of the original runs will continue to play the film. There are two more releases planned for the film — France on June 3rd and Italy on July 30th. Its total worldwide gross (adding in the domestic $23.6M from distrib A24) is $34.2M.

After releasing throughout the fall of 2014, Fox’s YA hit The Maze Runner was unleashed in Japan on May 22. In its 2nd session, it clocked another $893K from 345 screens to take the No. 2 spot for a Western title and accumulate $3.57M in the market. The sophomore frame was down only 26% from opening weekend. The international cume is now $243.1M.

The Longest Ride lassoed $570K more at the weekend rodeo. Playing on 936 screens in eight markets, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation held well in Germany (-39%/$5.35M cume) and Spain (-56%/$1.6M cume) taking the international total to $20.8M. Italy and the UK are on deck for June via Fox. The Longest Ride marks the second film young actress Britt Robertson has in the international marketplace. She is also one of the three lead co-stars in Tomorrowland.

Lastly, Universal’s social media horror show Unfriended scared in another $251K at 185 dates in 12 markets for a total cume to date of $11.6M. It still has a number of territories to play, including The Netherlands which will be the next market to bow this week.

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