Trevor Noah Takes Over ‘The Daily Show’ On September 28

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah premieres September 28. It’s going to be sexy, according to the video from Comedy Central.

Last month Jon Stewart announced he will depart as the show’s host on August 6. Stewart had previously said he would step down after more than a decade as the show’s host. After endless speculation, Comedy Central announced South African comic Trevor Noah, who had appeared on the show a handful of times, would take over. Reporters digging around to try to figure out who was Noah unearthed old Twitter posts that came back to bite him.

Stewart, who turned the show from a celebrity joke and snarky interview fest into the hottest political satire on TV, said recently he was leaving the gig because, among other things, “Watching these channels all day is incredibly depressing… I live in a constant state of depression. I think of us as turd miners. I put on my helmet, I go and mine turds, hopefully I don’t get turd lung disease,” he told The Guardian.

Noah became embroiled in controversy over DOA gags he tweeted between 2009 and 2014. Members of the media dug them up and nicked him for anti-semitism, sexism and homophobia. Stewart defended Noah vigorously and implored viewers to give him a chance.  Since then, Noah’s kept a low profile and the furor has dissipated.

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