Obama Tweets David Letterman Tribute

This evening, President Obama tweeted a tribute to David Letterman as he was finishing up taping on his final night as host of CBS’s Late Show, wrapping a record-setting 33-year career as a broadcast TV late-night host.

Earlier in the month, in his third and final visit to Late Show With David Letterman as POTUS, Obama suggested when they’re both gone from their current gigs they “play some dominoes together – go to the local Starbuck and swap stories.”

Letterman shot back: “I play dominoes. I’m pretty good. I know you think I’m not good at dominoes.” During a commerical break, Letterman said, Obama had told him that when he leaves office he plans to take a month off. “Are you kidding me? After eight years of this, you’re only taking  a month off?!” Letterman marveled.

“I plan to teach law at Columbia,” Letterman said that night, of his retirement, which starts tomorrow.

“I’d be interested in sitting in on that class,” Obama joked. “That would be a hoot.”

Obama’s visits to the show have been “particularly meaningful to me,” Letterman said, “Like most Americans, we feel we got to know you (and) I can only wish you all the best.”

Obama returned the sentiment: “We’ve grown up with you, this country. And after … coming home from work, knowing you’ve been there to give us a little bit of joy, a little bit of laughter. It has meant so much. … You’ve given us a great gift, and we love you.”

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