David Letterman’s Last ‘Late Show’: Frenzy Of Celebrity Sightings, Media Navel-Gazing, Top-10 List Leaking

UPDATE:  Late Show taping over.


Final Top 10 List: Top 10 Last Things I Would Like To Say To David Letterman, delivered by many of the stars who had been seen by reporters and tweeting fans parked outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, including Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Walters, Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, as well as last night’s final announced guest, Bill Murray.

Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters, as they had tweeted, played Letterman off stage. We hear they performed “Everlong” — that’s also song he asked them to play on his first night back on the air after being gone for a long stretch when he had open heart surgery.

In the green room:

PREVIOUS: David Letterman’s final day as host of a late-night TV talk show has been a major media frenzy.

Reporters camped outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, to get glimpses of Letterman pals arriving, in hopes some of them might also be making on-air/on stage appearances. CBS had left blank plans for tonight’s show, and Letterman’s camp this morning tweeted coyly:

Breathless reports poured in of of Chris Rock arriving, Steve Martin standing, Tina Fey waving, Jim Carrey working the crowd, Jerry Seinfeld and wife posting Instagram photos of themselves:

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Also, Peyton Manning navigating, Julia Louis-Dreyfus beaming, Barbara Walters nowhere to be seen but reportedly arrived, and the Goodbye Dave cake, out of which Bill Murray had popped on last night’s show, still rotting in the New York sun. There were Late Night staffers in special embroidered jackets from Worldwide Pants, and CBS Marketing Group president George Schweitzer tweeting photos of the view from the stage door:


Shortly before the Final celebrity-studded Reading Of The Top 10 List, Schweitzer tweeted again, from the green room:


Those not lucky enough to be there hungrily gobbled up today’s David Letterman-related media morsels. fond looks back at David Letterman’s political legacy as a late-night liberal, a brief history of David interacting with female guests (creepy lechery or benign flirting — apparently the jury’s still out), Penn Jillette reminiscing about good times when he freaked out Dave by dropping hundreds of cockroaches on him.

First word of the lineup happened when the Foo Fighters tweeted that they would be among the evening’s musical acts, suggesting tonight’s taping is a sentimental affair. Foo Fighters, you’ll recall are the group Dave asked be the first to perform when he came back from his quadruple bypass surgery  “because he wanted to hear the song ‘Everlong’ as frontman David Grohl explained in a 2014 sit-down with Orange County Register, adding that they’ve had a love affair with Dave ever since, so much so they’d lost track of how many times they’d played the show.

Stay tuned for Jeremy Gerard’s review of the final show.

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