Bill Murray Gooses David Letterman Ratings On Penultimate ‘Late Show’

Last night’s penultimate broadcast of Late Show With David Letterman clocked a household 4.9/12 in metered markets – its best local rating since September 21, 2009. With Bill Murray bursting from a cake and Bob Dylan “crooning” a ’40s tune made popular by Frank Sinatra, Letterman’s early ratings jumped 48% from last week (3.3/09) and 145% from a year ago (2.0/05).

That, in turn, boosted Dave’s lead-out, Late Late Show (2.0/7), now hosted by James Corden, to its best local rating since February 8, 2010. Corden’s local stats were up  33% from last week (1.5/5) and 100% from a year ago (1.0/04, with Craig Ferguson hosting).

Murray smeared Dave with so-long cake, then led a protest outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in hopes of getting the late-night host to change his mind about retiring tonight. Dylan made his first TV appearance in two decades to sing Dave off. And, the episode featured what may have been Dave’s best Top 10 List ever, Top 10 Famous Last Words:

10) “Lightning! Everyone under the tree!”

9) “You’ve parked in my spot, Mr. Capone.”

8) “Bring the karaoke machine over to the hot tub.”

7) “Do you guys hear a drone?”

6) “Thanks for seeing me, Dr. Oz.”

5) “Damn right I’m healthy enough for sex.”

4) “May I take a selfie, Ms. Streisand?”

3) “We’ll save money by hitchhiking.”

2) “Jack Hanna said it won’t bite.”

1) “One scoop of Blue Bell ice cream, please.”

Letterman’s final night as host of Late Show airs tonight.

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