Marg Helgenberger Reports Being Recognized In Cuba, Credits ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’

Marg Helgenberger came to CBS Summer Press Day to talk about joining the network’s summer series Under The Dome. But, with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ending its series run — Helgenberger’s set to return to the show for its swan song this fall– she got asked about that show and its “global” reach. She said she was in Cuba in November and “assumed they didn’t get American television there, and the moment I went through Customs” people recognized her. “When you’re recognized in a communist country you really feel you’ve made it. Maybe Under The Dome is in Cuba?” she added. “Cuba’s under a dome,” snarked Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim on the sci-fi series.

CBS confirmed at Upfront Week CSI will end its 15-season run with a two-hour finale, featuring original stars William Petersen and Helgenberger. The two-hour movie will air September 27, the first Sunday of the season. Before that appearance, Helgenberger’s doing an extensive arc on Under The Dome, starting with its Season 3 debut on June 25; the Stephen King adaptation will move from Mondays to Thursdays this summer.

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