Colin Farrell Deconstructs Absurdist Comedy ‘The Lobster’ – Cannes Video

Colin Farrell The Lobster
Cannes Film Festival

Spoiler alert: Interview reveals certain details about the film The Lobster.

While Hollywood has piled on a number of reboots on Colin Farrell’s lap (read Fright Night and Total Recall) the Irish actor continues to revolutionize his craft by playing against his swaggering type in such smart titles as Seven Psychopaths, In Bruges and Ondine. In Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster, Farrell portrays a sensitive, single guy, David, adrift in the middle-age relationship world. He checks into a country resort in hopes of finding Mrs. Right, but is warned that if he doesn’t find the proper mate in 45 days, he’ll be turned into an animal of his choice (which just so happens to be a lobster since they live for 100 years). But that’s just the set-up. Attendees at the resort also take delight in hunting down a group of rebels in the forest who subscribe to an anti-matrimony philosophy. David soon joins their cause and winds up falling in love with a short sighted woman played by Rachel Weisz. Farrell sat down to talk with Deadline about The Lobster and how “the film feels like a new cinematic language.”

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